Expert Advice To Create A Strong Video Content Strategy

Written By Alla Levin
November 17, 2021

Expert Advice To Create A Strong Video Content Strategy

The days of advertising on billboards, cold calling, radio ads, and newspaper prints are over, and digital marketing approaches are in, providing businesses with reduced marketing costs as one of the most notable benefits. Although there are several other reasons digital marketing has taken over, digital marketing is the more practical solution in terms of both costs and effectiveness when comparing traditional and digital marketing.

Some of the most effective digital marketing strategies include SEO, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and several others.

And while written content was declared king quite some time ago, video is snowballing in popularity as a compelling storytelling medium. So, even though you shouldn’t cut written content out of your marketing strategy, you should consider adding a video content strategy.

Moreover, we’ve rounded up some expert advice for you to craft a compelling video content strategy that will grow your audience substantially, increase sales, and strengthen your brand identity. Alternatively, you can find video production services at

Create a Strong Video Content Strategy: Use Video SEO

SEO is not only relevant for your written content. Search engine optimization applies to all search engines, and YouTube is a search engine. It’s the second most widely used search engine, next to Google.

Your audience can use streaming platforms such as YouTube to search for particular videos and broader information, just as they do on Google. As a result, you can use SEO in your video content, particularly within the title of your video, and add keywords into the video’s description.

By using the correct keyword variations properly, your audience will find you much easier as the search engine will link your tags to their search inquiry based on relevance.

Create Captivating DetailsCreate Captivating Details

The written content surrounding your video, the title, and the description can be used to draw your audience’s attention. You will need to convince your audience somehow to watch the video, and the only way to do this is by ensuring you make it clear what the video is about in the title and description. That said, you must use attention-grabbing details; people typically skim through titles before deciding what they want to watch.

Optimize For Conversions

Getting people to watch your video is only half the job; the other half is ensuring your video can boost conversions. You’ll need to include things like a call to action that directs viewers where you want them to be; this can be a link to a business homepage, a particular product page, or even a blog post.

Next, you must also consider the best times of the day to publish your video content. Data and analytics show that people use social media more at certain times of the day, which is when you should plan your posts.

The more views you get within the first 48 hours, the more YouTube will recognize just how effective your video content is, which will boost views.

Make Video Concise And CatchyMake Video Concise And Catchy

TikTok is a video streaming platform that became instantaneously successful, and there’s one specific reason for this; video clip lengths are limited to a couple of minutes. Because the clips are short, viewers can view more clips in a more temporary space and quickly become more engaged with the platform as a direct result.

So, instead of dragging out your video content, be sure to keep things as concise as possible. However, the content must also be catchy; making a massive impression within a few seconds is the goal.

Upload Your Video To Multiple Channels

The best way to maximize your post’s potential to reach your audience is to upload it to as many different channels as possible, linking the video back to your business’s website homepage. Moreover, it is also vital to upload your video content to your business’s website, even if it does not have much traffic. Doing this might even improve site performance.

There are several ways to ensure you always create relevant video content that engages your audience. That said, if you don’t have the time to focus on creating compelling video content, you should rely on a professional video production service. Instead of battling to make engaging posts, you can rely on industry experts, a solution that many startups and even big brands opt for. Depending on a service will also allow you to invest your focus back to other business areas, and these services are typically pretty budget-friendly.

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