How to Make Staying Healthy Easy

Written By Alla Levin
February 25, 2021

How to Make Staying Healthy Easy

When you think about staying healthy, you might think about running marathons and making green smoothies daily. However, staying healthy does not have to take any effort at all, and there are many ways to start getting active and eating a healthier diet from today onwards.

Choose Healthy Alternatives

One of the biggest fears that people have when they decide to be healthier is that they may have to give up the foods that they love. Rather than completely limiting your favorite foods, you should consider swapping these for healthy alternatives. For instance, if you love eating sandwiches, you should consider using wholemeal or granary bread to make these rather than a white loaf. Additionally, if you adore peanut butter, you should consider exchanging this for a seed butter that can give you the same taste without any of the saturated fats. If you want to try some you should go directly to Beyond The Equator to find the original 5 Seed Butter.

Eat from a Smaller PlateEat from a Smaller Plate

Instead of completely changing your diet and eradicating any semblance of your former meal plans, you should consider eating from a smaller plate. There is evidence to suggest that eating from a smaller, plain white plate can encourage you to unconsciously serve yourself smaller portions, which is important if excess eating is one of the reasons that you are struggling to maintain your health.

Walk to Work

Many people have trouble getting the exercise that they require each week because work gets in the way. By the time you leave work during the winter months, it is often dark, or you may feel too tired to participate in strenuous exercise. However, walking to work can allow you to get the 10,000 steps that you need per day without having to take extra hours out of your day to head to the gym.

Invest in a Fruit BowlInvest in a Fruit Bowl

90% of Americans do not eat enough fruit or veg, even though they are key to your continued health. You should consider investing in a fruit bowl which you can place in the center of your kitchen or living room. This will ensure that healthy snacks are always close by and you will more than likely find yourself grabbing an apple or an orange when you pass it.

Take the Stairs

It is not only food that you can make healthy swaps with, though. If you have become used to taking the elevator up to the top floor of buildings, you should instead start using the stairs to get to your destination. Stairs can help you to burn many more calories than walking along flat surfaces and can be a great way to boost your stamina and lose weight.

Download a Sleep Appgetting enough sleep

Most people do not realize the importance of getting enough sleep. However, getting enough sleep can boost all of your body functions and organs, including your metabolism. You should download a sleep app that can allow you to track the number of hours that you sleep per night and can encourage you to create a sleep schedule that suits you.

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