How to Help Yourself Stay Focused at Work or School

Written By Alla Levin
February 25, 2021

How to Help Yourself Stay Focused at Work or School

If you are a current student or a current employee, you may find yourself daydreaming quite often or becoming distracted by your ruminating thoughts or external factors. You may have the motivation, and you may be excited about the work that you are preparing yourself to complete, but you may just lack the focus to do it. Your mind might be wandering thinking about your stock portfolio and your new AMD stock.

Not staying focused can lead to failing grades, struggles, and warnings at your workplace, and even forgetting to do certain tasks that are necessary for you to do. It is important to find ways that you can improve your focus and stay happier. This can be done by completing the steps found below.

Take Breaks

If possible, especially if you are a remote employee or if you are a student completing homework at home, take breaks in your work. If you are staring at a computer screen all day, you can lose focus as your eyes become more strained. Just take a ten-minute break where you choose to go on a walk or choose to make yourself a cup of coffee, for instance. Exercise in and of itself though, if you choose a walk, has proven to be able to increase your levels of concentration to help you focus.

Perform Tasks in ChunksPerform Tasks in Chunks

If you have several simple tasks that have to be completed throughout the day, try to do them in chunks. Make sure that you do these small jobs that are urgent in between breaks of the largest task that you have to complete during the day. Do not just put off these small tasks though until the end of the day in favor of the big task. This will make you lose focus while completing the larger task, and you may forget the smaller tasks. Make sure you take half-hour time slots throughout the day to complete these smaller tasks.

Get Good Sleep

If you are not getting the ample sleep that you need in a night, you are probably destroying the amount of focus that you need. If you end up pulling all-nighters to complete your assignments, or if you work late into the night, you are making your decision to stay up counterintuitive. You need the right amount of sleep, which is typically seven to nine hours, in order to have your mind at its healthiest. Sleep can rejuvenate your minds so that you feel more focused than ever the next day.

Focused at Work or School: Make a Ritual and To-Do ListMake a Ritual and To-Do List

At the start of every day, make sure to create a to-do list that can become the first step in your ritual. The list can give you a visual reminder of the items that you need to complete so that you can check them off as you go and retain your focus on your list.

Make sure that the rest of your day is full of rituals as well though. Make sure that you set a schedule for yourself of when you will take breaks, when you will complete certain tasks, and will you will allow yourself a moment of distraction.

Stay Focused at Work or School: Complete the Most Difficult Tasks Mid-Morning

If at all possible, try to complete the tasks that take the most amount of focus in the middle of the morning. Your brain will operate at its best around 10 a.m. After that time, you will begin to become distracted more easily. Plus, the more you can get done in these morning hours, the more time that you will have later to do what you want to do for your leisure or for your own distractions.

If you struggle with concentrating often, you may need to discuss your symptoms with a doctor. There are steps that you can try, however, such as those found above, in order to eliminate your lack of focus and to complete the tasks ahead of you. Make sure that you are taking care of your body as well by taking steps such as getting the right amounts of sleep so that you can keep your brain healthy. You will soon be able to complete your job assignments and your homework as if you had the most focus in the world.

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