So Connected: How to Increase Intimacy in a Relationship

Written By Taylor Wind
April 12, 2021

So Connected: How to Increase Intimacy in a Relationship

Emotional and physical intimacy is the foundation of any close and long-term relationship. If you are struggling with relationship problems caused by a lack of intimacy, there are a few things you should do to enhance the connection you have with your significant other. Here are ways you can increase intimacy without beating around the bush any longer.

Create a Culture of Touch

If you want to increase sexual intimacy, stop thinking about it like the movies. Two characters effortlessly hop into bed in films, but this is not the case in long-term relationships. Maintaining a physical connection takes a lot of time and effort.

Most people do not experience waves of happiness and lust within seconds like on TV. A good sexual experience involves energy, desire, and communication. If something is not working between you and your partner, change your habits. Take your time to get to know each other and boldly experiment in the bedroom. Be honest about your thoughts, and do not fake it for anyone to spare their feelings.

Engage in some pure romance with the right tools to encourage finishing touches for each other without letting insecurities get in the way. Your pleasure and theirs matter if you are looking for ways to increase intimacy in a relationship. Sexual intimacy is the best way to increase attachment if you satisfy each other’s needs to feel wanted and nurtured. It can help create security while deepening emotional and physiological connections if you try to ignite passion, even if you need the help of a few toys.

Create a Culture of CommunicationHow to Increase Intimacy in a Relationship

Having an honest chat with your partner is one of the best ways to increase intimacy in a marriage. Open conversations can clarify a lot of misunderstandings that could be holding your relationship back. For instance, if one person feels left out during the sexual experience, they will check out of the relationship because their physical needs are not met. Through truthful conversations, both parties can be honest about their desires and expectations.

Talk about things together to make sure that you are on the same page. Stay open to addressing many factors in your relationship that could impact intimacy. Do not get defensive or argumentative when your partner is trying to communicate from the heart.

This will prevent you both from feeling resentful and unappreciated, which will bring you closer as a team. Then your bodies will start singing the same tune, and those kisses in the mornings will become longer than a peck.

While intimacy doesn’t always lead to sex, the act of coitus can be the fulfilling climax to it. Unfortunately, some couples experience roadblocks to truly satisfying sexual intercourse. Illness, infection, or a psychological problem can result in dyspareunia.

A person suffering from health issues resulting in painful sex will greatly benefit from having an open and supportive partner. So make sure your partner knows that sex can be painful for you. You’ll feel more comfortable pressing pause if necessary. Look into using pain-easing implements like vaginal dilators for physical therapy to alleviate your condition.

Setting the stage for a pleasurable experience can also help. Taking a warm bath together and lighting some candles can help set the mood for fulfilling and fun intercourse.

Increase Intimacy Before It Is Too Late

Couples who do not work together to increase intimacy and keep the spark alive are headed for a dead end. Even though stress and mental health challenges can several impact libidos, communication can often reignite the fire. Be honest with your partner and tell them about your feelings and wants.

Listen to them when they tell you about their own thoughts too. Work together as a team to provide pleasure and never take each other for granted again; if you enjoyed reading these ways to increase intimacy in a relationship, check out some of our other posts for more tips.

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