Promotional Logo Pens, Flyers, and Custom Tees: Print Advertising is Not Dead

Written By Sabahat Akhter | A Project Manager for Leading Printing Companies
March 01, 2021

Promotional Logo Pens, Flyers, and Custom Tees: Print Advertising is Not Dead

Marketers have debated whether print media is dead or not for quite some time. Unsurprisingly, the world is becoming increasingly digital, and so are the marketing tactics tied up with it.

Some people may ask, why bother about print advertising when you can communicate and negotiate with your customers faster electronically? The answer is usually this: It doesn’t mean that just because digital marketing is quicker and easier, it should only be the only marketing strategy we need to use.

As designers, we know how important it is to come up with creative and compelling designs. Designs that catch the eye and get the viewer thinking, “That must be one hell of a product!” And in more recent times, ads have become far more creative and innovative to the point where our expectations are only getting higher every time we see a head-turning advert.

Even in the age of digital marketing, advertising printing services still play a decisive role in the effectiveness of a marketing strategy. As today’s world gets increasingly digitized, it might be easy to dismiss the idea of traditional print advertising, from cheap business cards to print flyers and product brochures.

Free online flyer makers are also an excellent option to create flyer designs easily using customizing templates.

If you want to increase your brand’s favorability and improve purchase intent, you must learn to adapt to the latest design trends and adopt new ways of doing print ads. Here are a few ways you can play with print layouts to achieve print perfection.

Whether you’re running a small business or a huge one, your goal is to reach your target market most efficiently. With hundreds or thousands of marketing strategies and channels available, I believe you have to consider all the options available for the breakthrough of your success. After all, the market for business copier solutions is still not dead.

With that in mind, you need not cross out print advertising in your list. This article cites three reasons why brochures, flyer printing, direct mail, and postcards should still be part of your marketing plan. Here are those:

Print Advertising: Print Media Lasts Longer than that of Digital MarketingPrint Media Lasts Longer

Talking about a particular thing that catches your attention? Of course, if you have a brochure you’re impressed with, you’ll surely keep it for future reference. No matter how old it is, even when stacked with paperwork, you’ll still remember it at some point. On the contrary, even if you receive an email from a sales company, most of the time, we look at it as a nuisance and delete it in our inbox.

But having a postcard, brochure, or some Promotional Logo Pens with an appealing tagline and a logo that you can’t see anywhere is for keeps. Since it sticks to our minds, there is a huge possibility of us purchasing the product since we like what’s in the brochure. Sounds good for your conversion rates.

Experiment With Your Layouts since People are Touchy-feely

In designing for print ads, you will be trying to piece together the ad’s elements into a visually pleasing arrangement. The number of patterns you can use is endless, and as a designer, it is your duty to fit them into print advertisement mediums. You can do so by structuring them according to different layouts.

We cannot deny it. We, people, want to experience everything with our senses. Yes, making a few clicks on the website can be pretty satisfying for our eyes, but we also love touching and caressing a beautiful product if possible.

Surely, there are some things we disregard, but getting a brochure or a postcard that stands out because of it being well-crafted and is soft to hold will catch our interest, and the feeling will stick to our minds.

Print Media is Unique Even Though it’s Oldprint advertising

Evidently, blogging, tweeting, and highly informative posting content can be beneficial. However, print media has become more and more unique than what we commonly see online. Imagine this scenario: When was the last time you got a snail mail from a friend? Wouldn’t you feel special if you receive one? Print advertising is more personal than emails. Your business can get lost in the sea of tweets and forums online but never in the mailbox of your customers.


To sum it up, print advertising will never be gone. After all, Image Printed Mugs, Flyers, and Lawnsigns – They will all stay for keeps! Cheers To Everlasting Print Advertising!

Print media is all about imagery and visualization. Use a series of images to draw the viewer to your message and show them the connection hidden underneath your smart design. Keep this famous mantra in mind, “If you have to explain it, then it probably isn’t that good.”

As Pablo Picasso said, — “Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.” To be a good designer, you need to know how to look at your product from the viewer’s perspective. You need to know how to apply different rules and techniques to create a compelling print ad. It’s up to you to decide. Play by the rules, and dare to be different.

With all those things written above, it is evident why print media advertising can never be obsolete. The only thing I see that is changing is the way we use various print advertising materials. You see, some companies are providing high-caliber Promotional Logo Pens, lawn signs, brochures, and flyers. Why not incorporate digital marketing into traditional marketing? After all, there is no surefire formula for a successful marketing plan.

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Sabahat Akhter is the Project Manager for leading printing companies producing promotional advertising products. She has experience in Data Management and Products Quality Assurance. QA and large-scale production workflows are her expertise.

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