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Which Gadgets are Trending Now?

The 21st  century is the perfect embodiment of high-tech dev; the screen on which you are reading this, the phone you use to make calls, and the virtual assistant at home all lie in the category of technologically advanced gadgets. But, these all have been in our lives for some time now.

With tech advancement, new and trailblazing gadgets are developed that further ease the life of an individual. These devices are backed by an ingenious set of technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT (Internet of Things), Virtual Reality, and whatnot. Here are some of the trending gadgets that you will surely like to pay for!

Dyson Lightcycle MorphDyson Lightcycle Morph

Source: Amazon

Dyson really outdid itself by designing this Lightcycle Morph light. The state-of-the-art tabletop design of the light makes it best for studying, reading, relaxing, etc. So, how does it work? Well, the light features daylight tracking technology, an ambient light sensor, and an energy-saving mode. The daylight tracking feature auto-adjusts the light as per the external lighting conditions every 60 seconds.

The energy-saving mode automatically turns off the light after 5 minutes of no motion detection. And the ambient light sensors auto-adjust the brightness based on the background light. It can be controlled by an app and also maintains the light quality for decades.


Water is a priceless element of our life. Our sole existence depends on it. Hence, it becomes imperative to make sure that the water you consume is free from harmful elements. This is where the WAKEcup can help you.

The WAKEcup is an ingenious water bottle that eliminates the hassle of cleaning it. The self-cleaning bottle uses ultraviolet radiation to kill all the harmful bacteria and viruses to provide your clean drinking water. Just push a small button, and after three minutes, you will get a completely odorless, tasteless, and germ-free water bottle.

Not only this, the gadget is made from insulated stainless steel that ensures optimum cold and hot temperatures for long hours.

Nextbase 622GW Dashcam

Source: Amazon

A dashcam is one of the prime tools for a four-wheeler. God forbids, but if any mishap happens while driving on the road, the dashcam can act as a black box for you. Moreover, it can also help you capture some eye-pleasing views without manually moving them with your hands.

The Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam is one of the best dash cams you can get for your car. The device offers you super clear 4k recorded videos which you can use to recover pieces of evidence and engaging moments.

Besides this, it also provides you the convenience of controlling it via Alexa. However, you need a smartphone app to do this. The polarization filter in the camera reduces glare from the windscreen while ensuring perfect image stabilization.

Ember Mug²

Source: Amazon

Nothing charges up a person in the morning better than a finely brewed cup of coffee or tea. But certain morning chores may make you miss that first warm sip. Don’t worry; this cool gadget can help you get rid of the cold beverage issue.

Ember Mug2  is an innovative gadget that can help you get the required heat in your morning beverage in minutes. The cool thing is that you can connect it to your smartphone and can get an update when the coffee or tea has reached the desired temperature.

It can keep your coffee warm for 80-90 minutes, based on the volume. Moreover, it also features an LED that lights up when the desired temperature is reached. Thus, making it one of the advanced gadgets to opt for.

August Doorbell Cam

Source: Amazon

Security is a prime concern for each one of us. And we take every crucial step to safeguard our house and other valuable assets. If you want to upgrade your security system, this August doorbell camera will be an excellent choice. Why?

Well, the coolest thing about this is the wireless design; the camera being an IoT device makes communication and surveillance easy. You can easily keep oversight over the visitors that come to your doorsteps from any remote location. It even allows you to talk to the visitors through it while you can see them. The camera will also provide you with timely motion-triggered alerts every time someone approaches the door. Moreover, you will get to see everything happening in full HD quality.

Footboy Air Quality Monitor

Source: Footbot

Fresh air leads to a healthy lifestyle. You cannot see or sense air quality around you, but the Footbot Air Quality Monitor can. This trending gadget is a must-have for every household as it helps in measuring air pollution and further makes the air breathable.

The device features an LED display via which it clearly conveys the quality of air by glowing in different colors and breadths. Moreover, it can also be connected with an app to know how indoor air quality varies from outdoor air.

Besides educating you about your home’s air quality and its pollutants, the Footbot Air Quality Monitor also informs you about the humidity and temperature of the living area. Hence, a great gadget for a healthy life.

Philips Hue Smart Lighting SystemPhilips Hue Smart Lighting System

Source: Amazon

Like other devices, lighting systems have also landed in the category of smart gadgets. A perfect example of this is the Philips Hue Smart Lighting System. The lighting system features three components: Smart, efficient lights, Hue Bridge, and the Philips Hue app.

The Hue bridge is the major device that links your devices and the LED lights. The bridge allows you to connect around 50 lights and accessories to it. You can fit these smart lights anywhere in your house and easily control their color and intensity via the smart app.

Different colors of the lights help you wake up, energize, read, relax, and even sleep!

Trending gadgets: Final Words

All these are just a subset of some of the best and trending gadgets. There are many more in the market that enhance the users’ overall experience. And with the advancement in technology, many more are in progress. So, if you are a tech freak, you should not miss using these ingenious and technologically advanced gadgets.

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