Mattress Matters: How To Choose The Right One For A Good Night Sleep

Written By Alla Levin
March 29, 2021

Mattress Matters: Choose The Right One For A Good Night Sleep

“A brain that sleeps well, works well.”

A night of good sleep is always the best cure for your hectic life. Emphasizing and prioritizing your sleep is the best thing you can give to yourself. It is a form of self-love, to give yourself a good night’s sleep. 

The mattress you sleep in plays a very vital role in your daily routine. Directly or indirectly, proper sleep enhances your work capacity. So always take adequate rest, and for that, you need a good mattress, which is long-lasting and very comfortable.

Things to remember while buying a mattress

Before you go buying a mattress, you have to take care of the following aspects of your sleep strategies so that you make the right investment. Here we go. 


Get to know the mattress size which you require. It can depend on numerous reasons like:

  • Size of your room – your room should be spacious enough to walk comfortably without feeling congested and suffocated.
  • How many people share the bed needs to be considered because you need a comfortable sleep and not a crowded bed that you can not have a good sleeping experience.
  • Size of your bed – It is imperative to check the dimension of your bed to get the best mattress that fits perfectly and also affects the decorum of your house.

Mattresses come in various sizes, to suit the individual needs. They can be Single, Double, Queen, King, and more. Among these, the king-size bed and the Queen size are most common as they provide more space so that you can roll and stretch.

King size bed It is a perfect option for the master bedroom. It is super spacious and has enough space for you, your partner, and your kids to snuggle, cuddle and have a comfortable sleep. It is also ideal for tall and heavy people by providing it with enough size and leg space. It is approximately 76 inches * 80 inches. It can help you in overcoming your tiring long day.

Queen size bedIt is an ideal choice if the bedroom size is small, it is for the guest room, or your bedroom is upstairs as it is easy to move and shift. It is also a good option for people who need extra space to sleep alone. Students can also take this as it’s durable and long-lasting.

How to choose between king vs queen bed? This entirely depends on your budget and preference. But you should always go for a quality product that will be long-lasting and comfortable.

Queen size bed is less expensive and a great idea when you are on a budget; it is light and easy to transport and requires less space. But it does compromise with your comfort. It will provide the best sleep you can imagine and also helps in getting relaxed.

On the other hand, king-size beds are super spacious, giving you extra length and width to relax and sleep on.


People who are heavy and have a good body need a mattress that is medium-firm as it reduces their chances of sinking due to high pressure. Lightweight people should get a mattress, both soft and firm because they will put low pressure. It depends from person to person, and mattress companies provide a product that can be used by both types of people whether they are heavy or light, keeping in mind everyone’s comfort.

Considering the weight of a person is very important so that the mattress you buy perfectly aligns your body and gives maximum comfort possible. And also help you in relaxing and helps in getting rid of your tiring day.


A mattress with perfect contour and balance is very important for sleep because it aids your sleeping position and minimal disturbance to you and your partner. It will give excellent support and relief by analyzing the curves of your body and providing a night of more sound sleep.

Individual preferences

Many people in this generation suffer from pain very often due to the lifestyle we follow. Most people have back pain, shoulder pain, hip joint pain so it is very important to select a mattress that supports your body needs and provides maximum support to the body part needed.

Sleep position

People should think about the position they sleep in. If you move too much, choose a mattress that will quickly change and contour according to the body. One should always observe in the position they sleep, whether they are a side sleeper, and choose a mattress that suits their position best to support your style. Brands provide types of beds to contour things irrespective of the position you sleep in. 

The comfort of your mattress depends on various factor Mattress Matters

A bed that gives soft support when you are often tired gives a cozy and pleasant feeling that is the best thing one wants at the end of the day.

  • Firmness with being soft and comfortable, a mattress should be firm. It should be steady, secure, and fixed in a place. The bed should balance softness and firmness to a person’s need for the best sleep.
  • Hygiene – the mattress should be easy to maintain and clean. The mattress should be protected by mattress covers, bed sheets, and bed cover

Ways to keep your mattress clean 

  • Vacuuming the mattress, and cushion with a high-power vacuum clear to ensure it is free from dirt and mites.
  • Washing and cleaning the mattress covers, bedcovers, and cushion cover regularly.
  • Avoid having messy food on the bed to avoid spillage; even if spillage happens, try cleaning it immediately with a damp cloth.

Try best to keep the mattress, bed, and cushions dry.

Mattress Matters: Final thoughts 

Mattress plays a vital role in our daily life as being an innate need that affects our routine in remarkable ways as someone not getting enough sleep, cannot work with full potential and efficiency. NectarSleep aims to provide the best possible mattress at an affordable rate so that you can sleep well and feel rejuvenated on waking up. 

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