10 Ways To Make Your Company Website More Trustworthy

Written By Alla Levin
April 09, 2021

Ways To Make Your Company Website More Trustworthy

Building trust is essential to converting customers. When meeting a customer in person, a smile and a firm handshake may be all you need to build trust. With a website, you can’t rely on these tactics.

However, there are still many ways in which you can build customer trust. Below are just 10 ways to make your website more trustworthy.

Make sure it’s professionally designed

If your website looks like amateurs designed it, your visitors may assume that amateurs run your company. For this reason, it’s often worth investing in professional web design. If you’re unsure whether your website looks professional, it could be worth surveying a few consumers.

You also need to make sure that you are investing in digital experiences, so you can cater to every need that your customer has.

Make Company Website More Trustworthy: Get an SSL certificateGet an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that proves your site is secure. Websites that have an SSL certificate use ‘HTTPS’ instead of ‘HTTP’ and have a small padlock icon next to the URL. Applying for an SSL certificate is easy and free – and worthwhile. 

Add trust badges

Trust badges are badges provided by security companies that prove your site is secure. You can gain them by obtaining an SSL certificate and signing up with platforms like PayPal and Symantec – you can also benefit from trustworthy providers known to your particular industry.

For example, cannabis payment processing may require more lenient but trustworthy payment processors, allowing you to function as normal. These badges can provide customers peace of mind that it’s safe to buy products through your site.

Add a personal bio

A personal bio such as this one of Wayne Blazejczyk could also help to establish trust. Customers are more likely to invest in a service if they trust the people running it – a personal bio gives visitors the chance to get to know you and build a human connection.

Make Company Website More Trustworthy: Boost your rankings

Where does your website rank on search engines? If your company website is hard to find on search engines, customers may lose trust in your company. Investing in SEO is the best way to boost rankings.

Build positive Google reviews

Google displays reviews of a company along with their search listings. Make sure that any reviews that come up are positive. Otherwise, you could fail to convert any customers through Google.

You can encourage more positive customer reviews by reaching out to all your previous and existing happy customers. 

Provide testimonials/case studies

You can add positive customer reviews directly to your website in the form of testimonials. Visitors are more likely to trust your company if they see quotes from happy customers. Case studies could also be a way of showing off previous projects you’ve worked on so that customers know that you are an experienced company. 

Use unique professional photographsUse unique professional photographs

Any photographs you use on your website need to be unique and professional. Avoid generic stock photos and amateurish photographs that you took on your iPhone (especially when it comes to product photos). Hiring a professional photographer to take unique photos for your company website could be worth hiring. 

Be careful which ad content you allow

Ads leading to gambling or adult sites – or ads that look like scams – could affect your company’s reputation. Make sure that only appropriate ad content is displayed.

Make Company Website More Trustworthy: Regularly update your site

If you haven’t made any alterations to your site since 2013, visitors may wonder if your company is still alive. You should be adding new content to your site every month to show that you’re still active. A blog is the best way to do this.

Also, make sure you update the design every so often and add better features, such as a tool that allows you to process invoices in seconds, or account management on the customer side.

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