What is a Proxy Server in Mobile?

Written By Alla Levin
April 09, 2021

What is a Proxy Server in Mobile?

You might be familiar with proxy servers already for the ability to unlock different websites and media sites like Netflix, Hulu, and so on. The average public only has a vague idea about proxy servers and what they are.

Proxies are much more than they initially seem to be, and they are sometimes vital for small business owners. On the other hand, Mobile proxy servers are mobile phones that people use worldwide that become proxies to mask your IP address. By nature, mobile proxies are more secure.

Proxy Server for the uninitiated

For the people who have no idea about proxy servers, in simple words, a proxy server serves as an intermediary between a computer with a private IP address and a server on the internet.

Proxy servers have IP addresses that they use instead of your IP when you connect to a server. While the change might seem small and sometimes insignificant, it can be used for many valuable functions related to everyday usage and business.

Benefits of using proxy servers

Everyone is worried about hackers these days and for good reasons. A data breach can prove fatal for businesses and well-known celebrities. Even for the general public, data breaches can cost them dearly.

The use of a proxy server can help reduce the chances of different breaches. What proxy servers do is create an extra layer of protection for you. Proxy servers can face different internet and relay requests before being directed at your computer, enabling them to act as a buffer.

Even if hackers are somehow able to obtain your IP, a proxy makes it much more difficult for hackers to actually do you any harm. However, if the hacker is dedicated enough and has exceptional skills, he might harm you. If you are worried that much, a VPN might be a better fit for you.

What is a proxy server for Mobile?What is a Proxy Server in Mobile

Just like how proxy servers make your pc connection secure and add an extra layer of connection, a proxy server for Mobile will help you keep your smartphone safe. Basically, you need to download an application for your smartphone that provides you the proxy services. You can find many free ones that do a decent job, but we suggest a premium option if available to you.

The benefit of anonymity

One of the quirks that proxies are best known for is their ability to anonymize your web traffic. This is often a crucial function for businesses, small and big alike. Whistleblowers, security officers, and reporters rely on these functions for their identity protection, often provided by proxy servers or VPNs.  Proxy servers protect them, their sources, clients, companies, and associates.

If your company continuously utilizes proxy servers, then any potential spies or data miners won’t be able to track your web traffics. Spies specifically can track your web traffics, which allows them to figure out your business’s development trajectory and employees’ personal information. Moreover, proxy servers can anonymously help you carry out any important, private or sensitive task if you use proxy servers.

Preventing Server Crashes and Traffic balancing

When a website goes down, customers get disappointed; often, customers will be outraged when a website is down in times of need. Cloud data storage, proxy servers, and peering will improve customer experience by ensuring such a crash is unlikely to happen.

If you own a company and use a proxy server, then your company’s data and the content will be stored between many servers worldwide, and the presence of peering will aid your network handle much bigger traffic loads.

Different ISPs also use different routes to access various servers of your business. If you have bad pathways, it can cause your customers to become frustrated, and changing ISPs isn’t a sustainable method.

So, it’s up to you to use a proxy server to create a single web address, serving as a primary access point. It will also handle the loads by separating them between different servers to prevent an overload.

Mobile Proxy for the uninitiated

Mobile proxy has to do with smartphones that are connected with the 3G and 4G networks. It is a portable device connected to the internet to connect to, allowing you to mask your IP address.

These portable devices become proxies for your smartphone or other device and are secure. They are a part of Infactica’s mobile proxies network, which basically means they aren’t idle devices but rather devices that people around the world are using. This makes Mobile proxies very secure and trusty. Due to their nature, Mobile proxies can mask you entirely, making it seem like you reside in a different country.

Premium mobile proxy server providers such as Litport allow you to secure your network and add several extra protection layers. You can manage several social media accounts without getting banned, create several Gmail accounts, and such, which is possible because your IP changes every time you choose a different region.

What is a Proxy Server in Mobile: Conclusion

Proxies are helpful for every internet user one way or the other. Mobile proxies are more secure and allow for a more authentic connection. Free services do exist however they come at the cost of security risk. You can never be sure about the free proxies, and most are usually bloated with ads or other inconveniences.

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