4 Exciting Activities To Do In Mexico

Written By Alla Levin
April 13, 2021
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4 Exciting Activities To Do In Mexico

It is hard to believe that your travel plans had to come to an unforeseen halt just a year ago due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Well, this year seems to be good as scientific research is constantly finding effective ways to curb the virus, making it possible for life to go back to normal – at least to some extent. If you’ve been thinking of countries to add to your travel bucket list, you should consider Mexico! Here are four exciting activities you can do in this beautiful Central American country.

Visit the interesting Inglesia de San Juan Chamula

Mexico has several historic churches across the nation, but none are as breathtaking and peculiar as the Inglesia de San Juan Chamula. It was built in 1954 and can be found just outside the small village of San Cristobal. Instead of benches, pine needles are scattered on the floor for churchgoers and visitors to sit on.

The room is filled with thousands of lit candles, and you would most likely witness animals such as chickens being sacrificed. Many tourists have recommended this atypical church as a must-visit destination. They also recommend visiting the location with a tour guide to understand the various inscriptions on the walls and gain an in-depth yet brief history.

Go on a food tourActivities To Do In Mexico

It would be impossible to visit Mexico and not try the nation’s cuisine. However, Mexican cuisine is filled with a wide variety of savory foods – where do you begin? Going on a food tour is an effective way of beating this challenge. When visiting restaurants, you can ask your server to give food suggestions for tourists. You can also take a street food tour to help you learn how some of these famous mouth-watering dishes are made and explore the Mexican people’s culture.

Explore the night-life

In Mexico, the party doesn’t stop, so why not join in! There are several things to do when the sun sets in Mexico. After trying out local and street-food joints, you can treat your tastebuds to a fine dining experience in some of the country’s elegant restaurants. You can also stop by a Cantina for a drink or two. A cantina is a local “bar” that allows you to meet and interact with the local people.

These bars are cheap and unpretentious. Characteristically, these bars are welcoming to men, although women tend to visit occasionally. You should be clear on that before entering one. If you are feeling lucky, there are several casinos in the country. Thanks to collaborations such as that between Jorge Hank Rhon and Grupo Caliente, safety and fairness are ensured in these locations.

Shop for folk art and handcrafts

A trip is never complete without a few souvenirs. A part of the rich culture of the country is its folk art and handcrafts. Be sure to grab Huichol beads, brightly colored “alebrijes” (mythical creatures), beautifully patterned rugs and textiles, and unique pottery to remind you of your wonderful stay in Mexico. 

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