4 Travel Tips for Clean Drinking Water

Written By Alla Levin
April 15, 2021

Travel Tips for Clean Drinking Water

Everyone needs water to survive. It helps your body to function properly and maintain the correct temperature. It protects you from health problems and digestive issues and keeps your skin looking young and radiant. But most people take water for granted. It’s easy enough to get drinking water from the tap or take it from the office cooler at work.

But people in other countries don’t have it so easily. In many places around the world, locals struggle to access clean water and suffer from all kinds of health problems. Much progress has been made to fight this, with charity projects and water bores to help produce clean water for communities. But there are still parts of the globe where it is in short supply.

Therefore, as a traveler, you will need to be careful about the water you drink when on the road. If you consume something you shouldn’t, you could end up cutting your trip short with a nasty stomach bug. To help you stay safe, here are four tips for finding clean drinking water when traveling. You also can use shungite stones to purify your water. The stones are easy to take on any trip. 

Do your research

Some countries worldwide have clean drinking water coming out of the taps, whereas many others do not. Before traveling, you should do some extensive research to find out the status of your destination. This will allow you to be prepared when on the move and avoid catching any nasty illnesses.

If you’re traveling through Africa, South America, or Central America, then you should assume that you won’t be able to drink the tap water. Many countries in North America and Europe are perfectly safe, but make sure you check in advance.

However, keep in mind that even developed nations like the USA have had contamination issues such as Michigan’s well-known pollution and the Camp Lejeune water hazards.

Buy bottledprotects you from health problems

If you’re not satisfied that the drinking water in a given country is safe, you will need to find other hydration sources. You won’t be able to survive on beer and soft drinks for the duration of your trip.

This may mean you’ll have to spend a little money on bottled water each day, but it’s a small price to pay for your safety. Make sure you check that the bottles you buy are sealed before you drink them, as some establishments have been known to sell tap water to tourists. 

Watch your food

It’s not just the water you should be worried about in some countries, it’s the food too. If you eat in a restaurant, it’s often not a good idea to eat salad items, and garnishes that might be served alongside your main meal as these could have been washed in tap water. The same goes for fruits and uncooked vegetables. 

clean drinking water: filter it yourself

It’s not always possible to buy clean water, especially if you are hiking or traveling through remote areas. Therefore, it’s advisable to carry some form of the water purification system. This could be a filter or chlorine tablets that you drop into your bottle to kill harmful bacteria. This will allow you to fill up from taps or mountain streams anywhere with a much smaller risk of illness.

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