6 Ways to Get More Packaging Boxes While Spending Less

Written By Alla Levin
April 21, 2021

Get More Packaging Boxes While Spending Less

Product packaging boxes are an essential part of any business, whether new or old. They serve a huge purpose of ensuring that the product is safe and secure and reaches the customer. From custom lotion boxes to noodle packaging boxes, every product needs packaging. Now the problem arises from investment. You can not invest too much money in the packaging because it has a one-time use purpose. Especially businesses that are just starting simply do not afford to put too much money on packaging. OBTPackaging has cheaper solutions for businesses like that. But before you start, let us tell you a few rules that you can follow to save money on packaging.

Box Size

The first thing to look for while getting packaging designed is the size of the boxes. It is a simple rule of thumb the more material you will use, the more money it will cost you. To save you extra money and get more boxes with that money is to go with small-sized boxes. Get the boxes that are perfect for your product. There should not be extra spaces left in the box. The best fit of product in the box will ensure safety too.

This is one of the most aesthetic ways to save money on packaging. It seems like a clever idea that will look good and help you produce much more packaging boxes than regular box sizes.

Packaging boxes: innovative designs

Another way is to go innovative, save material and produce much more packaging boxes. We are living in a time where design and technology have progressed so much that even simple butter boxes sometimes have a tint of newness in them. So you can explore innovative packaging designs to cut the cost and produce more packaging boxes.

Unique designs also help you grab the attention of the customer. The customer gets the feeling that you are considerate of the unboxing experience of your consumer. This raises the chances of the customer getting back to you. They can also use nicely designed boxes to gift them to their loved ones directly. This opens up a whole new market for your business. For example, you have a business of skincare products, and you get custom lotion boxes made in an exciting design. We bet this would immediately raise your sales without denting your budget. Increasing sales is the biggest goal of any business and achieving it on a low budget is even better.

Unnecessary Inserts

You can lessen the cost of packaging boxes by avoiding any unnecessary inserts. Inserts that do not serve any purpose add in the cost. You get them printed and use a lot of paper on them when the customer does not even look at them. So revisit your packaging and if there is anything that can easily be avoided, remove it from the final packaging.

Make the simple, impactful design of the box that saves you money and lets you mass-produce packaging boxes. Let us give you an example if you have a food business and you add so many details in the packaging boxes, such as noodle packaging boxes, then avoid it. If the recipe is given in the pack, do not add it to every box, wasting money and time. Try not to add any extra details in butter boxes because it is a simple product and the majority of those details already go on the packing, so the outer box does not need any information. By not using extra inserts, you are saving paper too and indirectly helping the environment.

Packaging Company

If you want to produce more packaging boxes on a small budget, try to stick to one packaging company. When you are a loyal customer of any packaging company, they give you incentives. For example, at OBTPackaging, you can get a bulk made at a very reasonable price, and the rates get even better if you stick with them. Working with one packaging company also helps you maintain the quality of packaging boxes. When the quality sustains and the price is affordable, you can easily get way too many boxes made within the same budget.

This might not seem too practical, but trust us, this is the way to go. Making everybody on your team an essential part helps team members work hard with you. So it is almost like you are making a packaging company part of your journey. Also, packaging companies especially regard their regular clients.

Multi-Function Packing

Multi-function packaging is the packaging that can be used for multiple products. We do not mean that you compromise on the outlook of the packaging. It just means if you have a food business, then design the boxes to be used for different purposes. It will save you a lot of costs. For example, make ramen noodle packaging boxes that can be used as butter boxes or custom lotion boxes that can serve essential oil boxes. To make it functionally possible, you can take the help of OBTpackaging.

Using multi-functional packaging also partially plays the role of being sustainable. This way, none of your packagings goes to waste. Every box will get into use to package something and leave you enough finances to get more packaging made in the same budget.

Packaging boxes: machinery maintenance

Maintenance of your machinery is essential. If your machinery does not get proper maintenance, then many packaging boxes can be wasted on the supply chain. The packaging boxes can get dirty if the machines are not regularly cleaned. All of this causes loss in the packaging budget, and you have to deal with wasted packaging. The efficiency of the machines is also significant. How much time they take to package the product plays a role in the overall budgeting of packaging.  Keeping the machines properly working is also a core part of saving your cost on the packaging boxes.

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