Technological Innovations Mattered Most in the Past 10 Years

Written By Alla Levin
January 19, 2020

Tech’s Extraordinary Decade: Technological Innovations Mattered Most in the Past 10 Years

The last decade carries some of the top tech stories the world has ever encountered.

This topic has been my conversation on LinkedIn.

Just as everyone has taken stock on the landscape of technology in the last decade, I must also offer my take here, which might be of a different perspective of course.

Here is my list of innovations that have dominated the decade

  • Recently the world has faced the reality of virtual currency: Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, etc. which is transforming the financial markets;
  • We have seen seamless breakthroughs in speech recognition and computer vision;
  • The decade ushered in Big Tech’s new guard, including Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Twitter, etc;
  • Machine learning and specifically artificial intelligence have touched every facet of technology;
  • Tech introduced cloud revolution, subscription software, and developer tools;
  • Fortunately, the decade shapes the next generation of technology despite diversity, while recognizing both equity and inclusion;
  • The innovation-led to security reckoning with real-world consequences of breaches and vulnerabilities;
  • The eCommerce website Amazon 3.0: Everything Store becomes Everything Company;
  • We have liked live streaming and subscriptions, possibly leading to the end of traditional TV;
  • We have lately been introduced to Privacy awakening, recognition of trade-offs in personal info and ‘free’ tech services;
  • Do I forget to mention Microsoft’s surprising renaissance?
  • The world is cheering up the Virtual and augmented reality;
  • There have been tech employee activism, engagement;
  • The decade has witnessed the U.S. vs. China innovation race;
  • There has been an emergence of smart speakers and voice assistants;
  • The emergence of gadgets such as smartphones;
  • Data, sensors and the Internet of Things;
  • More rigorous commercial space travel and exploration;
  • There has been a digital photography explosion.

I have not possibly captured all there has been in the decade.

It’s an opportunity for you to think about what technological innovations I missed, or what you would remove.

The last decade tech and innovation still amaze the world, and the question that lingers in our minds is “what do we expect in the decade ahead?”

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