Learn What is an Unlimited Data Only Plan

Written By Alla Levin
April 27, 2021
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Learn What is an Unlimited Data Only Plan

What is an unlimited data-only plan? People are using the internet for a wide variety of purposes. That is exactly why everybody is talking about data plans nowadays. As the name suggests, data-only plans refer to special packages that offer data without any talk time. You can top up your base plan with these data packages to enjoy uninterrupted internet usage.

Save money and stay connected forever

The best telecom companies offer attractive extra GB data at 4G speeds for their customers. If you choose these plans, you can save a lot of money in the long run. You can even find companies offering 100 GB and more nowadays. When you consume this data, you won’t be disconnected. You can stay connected at a lower speed. Smart buyers make use of the best plans to make their data usage incredibly affordable and enjoyable.

Instant charging and recurring monthly purchase

There are many different types of packages available for people to choose from. You need to choose the right one that meets your unique needs. Top-quality apps let you activate immediately and charge instantly. If you select the Unlimited Data Add-On feature, you can go to a recurring monthly purchase mode. The renewal occurs on the first day of every month automatically. Responsible and reliable service providers allow you to unsubscribe the plan at any time you prefer.

Upgraded data-only plans offer additional benefits

The best telecom providers in Singapore keep offering upgraded data add-on packages to attract customers. You can buy these plans to get some additional benefits. The existing data plans can be changed to new ones without paying any extra charge. You need to compare the packages and plans offered by different companies before choosing a data plan. If you search online, you can find highly useful information that helps you make an informed purchase decision.

What is an unlimited data only plan: free usage for one month

Since the competition has become more intense between telecom companies, many of them are trying hard to make their data-only plans customer-friendly in many different ways. If you are signing up for a basic plan, several companies let you claim a data-only plan free for your first month. After the first month’s use, you can continue the membership as long as you wish by paying a small monthly fee.

Data rollovers

As mentioned above, your connection speed will be reduced when you consume the allocated data. However, if you have any additional 4G rollover from the previous month, you can use it this month. Some people may consume the full quote even before 30 days. They can buy a boost temporarily to maintain the 4G speed.

What is an unlimited data only plan? Many people are not aware of these types of packages. Even if some people have an idea, they don’t know how to identify the best plans that offer maximum benefits. If you visit the websites of leading telecom companies in Singapore, you can find highly attractive packages. Simple and easy-to-use apps are available to buy data-only plans.

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