8 Smart Travel Packing Tips

Written By Alla Levin
April 28, 2021

8 Smart Travel Packing Tips

While exploring Norway or some other country might seem appealing to you, you may not be so excited when it comes to packing for your adventure. You are not the only one. For most, it is an unpleasant and stressful experience. However, it does not have to be this way. By following a few simple travel packing tips you can make packing a lot easier. After some time you might even enjoy it!

If you always struggled with packing your luggage, let us give you a helping hand. In this article, we list smart travel packing tips that will allow you to take on your trip everything you need without overwhelming yourself. Here is how you can do it:

Start With a List

The first thing you should do when you need to pack for your trip is creating a list of all the items you need. Usually, we pack things we think may be useful. However, this is very inefficient and ineffective. When you rely on your intuition, you might take something you do not really need or forget something important. So instead, start by creating a list and don’t rush through the process, but try to consider every eventuality. This way, you will know exactly what to take and how much space you will need for it.

Create Groupings

If you have a lot of things to pack, it is recommended that you create groupings. For example, you can have one group for clothing, one for hygiene products, toiletries, etc. Ideally, each group should consist of things that come together and cannot be separated from each other. Once you have these groupings created, you can easily carry them to your luggage without having to think too much about where something goes.

Travel packing tips: roll your clothestravel packing tips

Rolling your clothes may sound like a straightforward thing to do, but it could be the most important step in your packing journey. By rolling your clothes instead of folding them, you will get more space in your suitcase. Moreover, it will be easier to pack and unpack them when arriving at your destination. Therefore, if you want to improve your travel experience, make sure to roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Do Not Overpack

When you start packing for your trip, make sure that you do not overpack. As mentioned above, it is straightforward to pack too much when relying on your instincts. One way to overcome this problem is to ask yourself, “do I really need this” every time you put something in your bag.

If the answer is no, you probably should not take it with you. Instead, take only what you really need and leave the rest at home. You can always buy extra stuff when you arrive at your destination.

As an extra tip, pack versatile and comfy T-shirts that are easy to mix and match with other clothing items. This way, you don’t have to pack too many clothes but still come up with different outfits for fantastic photos during your trip.

Compress Your Clothes

Another smart travel packing tip is to compress your clothes before putting them in your suitcase. While this may seem like unnecessary trouble, it can actually save you a lot of space in your luggage. Just place all the clothes in one big pile on the bed or floor and then roll them up tightly into a ball. This will create enough space in your bag for other stuff. At the same time, it’s an excellent piece of advice if you want your clothes to look good, and what’s more, it will even help you avoid damaging them. Trust us, and you don’t want to travel while wearing clothes with holes in them when it’s extremely cold!

Divide Liquids Into Small Bottles

Many people tend to overpack liquid products as they require less space than solids, such as food items or clothes. However, this does not mean that you can take as many liquids as possible because it can cause problems with airport security.

Therefore, it is good to divide all liquid products into smaller containers so that they are easier to carry around without drawing too much attention from security staff who might find them suspicious. Moreover, by dividing liquids into smaller containers, they will also be easier to store inside your luggage so that none of them will leak out during transportation.

Travel packing tips: conclusion

Traveling can help us widen our horizons, help us learn about new cultures, and let’s be honest – have a lot of fun. However, just because most people love traveling, it doesn’t mean that the same can be said about the process of packing before a trip. Unfortunately, there is no way around it, though it doesn’t mean that it always has to be a true nightmare. We hope that after reading this article, the process of packing for a trip is going to be a little bit easier for you and that your trip will be free from any serious problems.

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