How To Store Your Mattress and Blankets

Written By Alla Levin
April 29, 2021
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How To Store Your Mattress and Blankets

Sometimes, at some point, you will feel the need to store your mattress or blankets. There are plenty of situations that might come in your life when you would need to store or keep away your mattress and blankets. Moving to a different country, renovating your house, or downsizing can be the reasons why you might need to pack your mattress, blankets, and all belongings, and they must be done with proper care. These items are to be packed with care and also shall be packed taking care of the weight. The lighter items must be packed on the top and the heavier ones at the bottom.

Now, when you are putting away your mattresses and blankets for some time, then you would have to think of some storage options that would keep them the way they are. Hopefully, this article would guide you on some of the ways of keeping your blanket and mattress one by one safe and protected. Let us find out:

How To Store Your Mattress

Mattress can be considered as an investment as they last for 10 to 15 years if maintained properly and are very expensive. And that is the reason it would make sense if someone wants to store it properly. But, if the mattress is stored without proper care, then your mattress can get damaged beyond repair within a few months.

Be it a twin size or a king-size mattress, and only proper storage would expand the longevity of a mattress. Storing a mattress of a smaller size like the twin size or the full size would be easier. The twin bed dimensions are 38 inches wide and 75 inches long and fit only one person, especially kids or teens. Now, if you are getting married and planning to switch to a king or queen-size mattress, then you can store your twin mattress with the below-mentioned tips. Keep reading this article.

Few Steps of Storing A Mattress

  • Clean And Air out Your Mattress: Many outlets thoroughly clean and process your mattress. But be very careful before handing out your expensive mattress to these outlets. Go through their sales process very carefully before hiring them for cleaning. Or you can clean your mattress all by yourself. For example, you can use a vacuum for cleaning your mattress on both sides and then use an upholstery cleaner. Then go for the following steps:
  1. Remove the mattress and box spring and use some baking soda on the exterior to absorb the prevailing odor.
  2. Then you can pull all the soda using a vacuum cleaner and then air out the mattress for a few hours.
  • Wrap Your Mattress In Plastic: In the next step, you can wrap the mattress in plastic and then secure the plastic with packing tape tightly. But remember not to use too thick covers as they can trap moisture. Instead, make sure to take a light and breathable material and see that the mattress is entirely covered.
  • Move-In A Truck With Cover: When you are moving your packed mattress from one place to another using a truck or any vehicle that has the cover to protect your mattress from dirt. Because once the dirt gets settled in the base of your mattress, you cannot use them anymore, which would be a waste of your investment. Rough weather can also spoil your mattress if taken in an open vehicle. While loading the truck, keep the mattress on its side and create space for loading other things.
  • Store Your Mattress At The Best Place: Lastly, while storing the mattress, always check for the moisture and temperature of the place. If these factors are not taken care of, you might make the mistake of storing your mattress in the basements. And if you are still planning to store your mattress in the basement or garage, you must buy a dehumidifier that would help pump out the excess humidity and help keep your mattress safe.

Few Steps of Storing A Blanket

Blankets are seasonal stuff. We need them according to the change in the season. So, for example, after winter, you would not need that weighted blanket anymore when spring comes. Weighted blankets are heavy blankets with glass beads or poly pellets sewn into them, which weigh them down. These kinds of blankets are designed for both kids and adults.

The benefits of a weighted blanket are that they help improve sleep quality, promote the production of melatonin, replicate hugs, and lowers anxiety levels. But as they are for seasonal use, you have to store them properly for use next season. So please read below to know about preserving the blankets for their use in the coming winter. Or you might have to deal with degradation in fabric and odor.

  • Get Proper Laundry Done: You must occasionally send your blankets for laundry because they touch our skin and accumulate dirt, oils, clouds of dust, etc. So, before putting it into storage, clean it thoroughly and make sure the fabric is dry. Any dampness can lead to the growth of molds.
  • Put Your Blanket Out In The Sun: Before packing your blankets, allow them to dry in the sun to get rid of any germs.
  • Avoid Damp Areas: You must not store your blankets in damp areas. Make sure that the closet area is cool and dry. The biggest enemy of your blankets or any bedding is moisture. Try avoiding your blankets in the basement, garage, or any other such areas.

How to store mattress and blankets: conclusion

So, we hope that this article would help you as a guide on how to store your mattress and blankets perfectly. Mattress and heavy blankets can be considered as investments as they can last for 10 to15 years. So, always remember the most important thing about storing them. Store them in a dry place, and you can keep using them for a long time. All the Best.

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