Are Cat5e Cables Enough To Provide My Business With Strong Network Connectivity?

Written By Alla Levin
April 30, 2021

Are Cat5e Cables Enough To Provide My Business With Strong Network Connectivity?

All businesses and corporations, regardless of size or number of employees, look to improve their communication and connection with their clients and the general public. By having strong network connectivity, businesses can improve their efficiency, productivity, and relationships with other businesses, clients, and employees. There are many ways in which businesses can upgrade their technology and effectiveness. Let’s discuss some details about one tried and tested method of providing reliable and trustworthy network connectivity.

Everything you need to know about cat5e cables

Ethernet cables are a key technology piece that improves your computer, server, and modem connection. Let’s see the differences between cat 5 and cat 6 cables and if either of these options can drastically improve a company’s network reach.

What is a cat5e cable?

A few years ago, the cat5 cable was a piece of technology that connected computers and LANs. However, today, cat5e cable has replaced the outdated technology, providing the user with faster speeds and a more reliable connection. The ‘E’ in cat5e stands for just that – enhanced.

Strong network connectivity: what is a cat6 cable?

A cat6 cable is similar in performance and capability to a cat5 ethernet cable. The cat6 consists of four pairs of twisted copper wires that connect a computer to a LAN source. However, the cat6 has more space, reliability, and functionality than the cat5, featuring 250 MHz of bandwidth and speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Which ethernet cable is best for me?

When deciding if the cat5e cable is best for your business, you need to compare the options on the market today. The type of cable you decide on depends on how frequently you use the internet in your daily life. If you want lightning-fast internet speeds, the cat6 could be the better option.

However, if you are satisfied with your internet connection speed, the cat5e might be just enough to improve your business’ productivity. Furthermore, if you are a small business, startup, or entrepreneur, the cat5e cable could be even better since it is less expensive than the costly cat6 cable.

In addition, you need to decide if the cat5e cable or cat6 will be best for a cloud-based company. If you have moved your server to the cloud, a cat5 will provide enough capabilities for you to succeed. This cable is reliable, simplistic, and does the basics with ease. However, if you are solely focusing on performance, the cat6 could be the better choice.

Cat 5e cable vs. cat6

The choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and current internet connection speeds. The product you choose depends on your business requirements. Keep in mind and the cat5 has been the traditional choice and gold standard for many years, doing the job and remaining reliable for numerous years.

However, if you are focused solely on performance without worrying about your budget, the cat6 could be best for your company.

Strong network connectivity: conclusion

The cat5e cable can help a business with reliability, increase connection speed, and remain simple to use for beginners and new business owners. However, if you look for a performance-based alternative to the cat5e cable, the cat6 cable might be best.

However, suppose you need an option that works for a cloud-based business with an adequate internet connection. In that case, the cat5e cable is enough to provide your business with strong network connectivity.

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