Ways to Build a Relationship with Your Team

Written By Alla Levin
May 10, 2021

Ways to Build a Relationship with the Team

Building a strong relationship with your team can mean many things and have many positive implications for your business. Generally speaking, it’s not a good thing for your management to be distant from the people running and organizing things for the business. However, finding ways to make it work and ensuring that the relationship is maintained will keep everyone on the same page and keep you all pulling in one direction.

Show Trust in Your Team

It would help if you showed everyone working for your business as part of your team that they’re trusted and that the management has belief in them. If they feel patronized or micromanaged, it will only damage that relationship and make things harder for them and you. That’s obviously not what you want, so show them that level of trust in and have belief in them.

Divide and Delegate Tasks Carefully

When handing out tasks for your team to perform, it’s usually best to take care and be precise in how you’re delegating tasks. When you’re giving a task to someone, there needs to be a reason why. There needs to be a particular reason you want that person to take care of it, and why you believe they’re the best person on your team to return the outcomes, you’re looking for.

Share and Work Towards Goals as a Teambuild a relationship with team

When your team has common goals that everyone shares, working towards them as a team is a lot easier than it might otherwise be. That’s why you need to create shared goals and ensure everyone understands what they are and why they’re in place. When you do that, everyone will remain on the same page and work as a more efficient team.

Create a Portal for Better Communication

Good communication between the people at the top of the business and the people working for it each day is vitally important. However, once communication breaks down, that has negative implications for various things the business needs to do. With a good portal like those provided by ServiceNow HR, you can ensure communication across the business is smooth and seamless.

Build a relationship with the team: give and take constructive criticism

Finally, you need to be able to give and take constructive criticism. Your team won’t feel so great about receiving feedback if they’re not allowed to also give feedback regarding how they’re being managed. But when you make it a two-way street and ensure everyone can openly share their views and feedback, it works for everyone. That’s what you should be working towards achieving, so adopt a more progressive approach to feedback.

Now that you have a better understanding of what it takes to build a strong relationship with your team of employees, all that’s left for you to do is start putting some of these strategies into action. Nothing will change until you take steps to improve the situation and bring the team closer to management, as discussed above.

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