Conditions You Can Treat by Using CBD for Cats    

Written By Alla Levin
May 17, 2021

Conditions You Can Treat by Using CBD for Cats

CBD is effective in treating several canine and feline issues. Numerous brands now focus on developing cannabis products like CBD treats for dogs and CBD oil for cats. Aging or other conditions may cause your cat to fall ill frequently.

Cats are also prone to mental health issues like depression, hyperactivity, insomnia, appetite loss, anxiety, and even personality disorders. Today, even pet stores and online stores like sell CBD products for cats. Not only are these products safe and effective in treating your cat’s health issues, but they are also a healthier alternative to traditional medication.

Are CBD Products Safe?

As a cat owner, you may be concerned about the impact of CBD products on your cat’s body and brain. You have nothing to worry about provided you buy from a reputed supplier who sells the best quality products. Broad-spectrum CBD products and Isolates fit for feline consumption contain no THC. It is the compound that causes psychoactive responses and reactions.

Hemp-derived CBD products for pets like CBD oil for cats contain other cannabinoids and compounds helpful in managing health conditions. Since the products are void of THC, they will not cause issues like nausea or inflammation. Studies show that CBD products can activate “microglia” in your cat’s body and reduce persisting inflammation and stomach aches.

Conditions You Can Treat With CBD ProductsConditions You Can Treat With CBD Products

You can use CBD products to treat and manage many persisting conditions. Hemp-derived CBD can even be used to cure or prevent some health conditions your cat may be prone to.

Anxiety, Depression, Hyperactivity and Other Mental Disorders

Vets and medical experts use CBD products to manage mental health issues and memory-based issues in cats. These products have neuroprotective properties and the ability to make your cat feel calm and relaxed. Suppose your cat has been exhibiting signs of hyperactivity like constant tantrums, loud screeching noises, excessive running, and jumping, and restlessness. In that case, you may consult your vet and choose an appropriate CBD product.

If your cat seems less active, tired, and less playful, he/she may be suffering from depression or anxiety. Other common symptoms of clinical depression in cats are insomnia, a significant loss of appetite, and an unwillingness to eat. You may also want to note that your cat is more likely to develop mental health issues if he/she is old. Studies show that CBD products can help reduce the persistence of mental health issues in cats.

Chronic Pain

Aging cats or cats with nutritional deficiencies may suffer from issues like arthritis or osteoporosis. These conditions can cause joint pain and other pains in cats. Research shows that cannabinoids present in hemp-derived CBD can help numb the pain.

Diabetes and Respiratory Infections

Cats are vulnerable to diabetes just like humans. While there is no evidence to suggest that CBD products can help regulate your cat’s blood sugar levels, there is evidence to prove that you can use CBD products to manage other symptoms of diabetes like inflammations, fatigue, and excessive sweating. The products are also effective in managing respiratory issues like wheezing and lung infections.

Buy From Reputed Brands

CBD products can even boost your cat’s overall immunity level and prevent bone deterioration and nutritional deficiencies. However, it would help if you bought from a reputed supplier who sells natural edibles and oils.

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