Top Benefits of Insuring Your Dogs With The Same Company

Written By Alla Levin
August 17, 2023

Top Benefits of Insuring Your Dogs With The Same Company

You are likely to be a dog lover when you have multiple dogs. As such, you will always want your four-legged friends to be kept in the best possible health, requiring them to be insured should the worst happen.

As you have almost certainly looked into insurance policies for your puppies, you will have likely come across multi-pet insurance claims and been curious about them.

While they are a relatively new thing in pet insurance, many dog owners prefer to have their dogs insured with different companies simply because they offer benefits that individual insurance companies do not.

So, what are some of the top benefits of having Fido, Rex, and Roxy insured with the same company? Read on to find out.

Cost Savings

The first thing that you need to think about is the cost savings. Multi dog insurance will come with a reduction in the overall premium that you pay each month, as well as lower deductibles, which will make it cheaper to protect all of your dogs.

This may vary, of course, depending on the age of the dogs. If you are insuring a puppy, an adult dog, and a senior dog, then you may need to pay a larger amount each month, but this is to cover the needs of the older pup!

ConvenienceTop Benefits of Insuring Your Dogs With The Same Company

When it comes to filling out insurance claims for dogs who have become unwell, it can be a hassle having to remember the names of the different insurance companies, as well as different claim numbers.

When you insure your dogs with the same company, you streamline the process as you will only have to contact one company, you will have one insurance number, and you won’t need to worry about filling in paperwork that you may not be familiar with.

Comprehensive Coverage

When you are insuring multiple dogs with the same insurance company, you won’t have to worry about variations in the claims. All your dogs will be under the same policy and covered for exactly the same things.

As mentioned, this may vary slightly if you are also looking to insure an older dog, as their health requirements may be more varied and may not be covered if they have multiple pre-existing conditions. So, be sure to check with the insurance company before you take out a claim with them for a senior pooch.

Flexible Coverage

If you are ensuring multiple dogs with the same insurance company, they may be able to offer a range of coverage options and add-ons that are tailored to suit each of your dog’s specific requirements.

This flexibility in the claims will allow you to choose the right level of protection for each of your dogs while also enjoying the convenience that comes with having them all insured by the same provider.

Simplified Claims Process

If it comes to the crunch and you need to file a claim for one of your dogs, having them insured with the same insurance company will ultimately streamline the process for you.

After all, you will likely be familiar with the insurance company’s procedures, have a dedicated claims handler, and often benefit from faster processing time, meaning you will get the money back sooner. This is essentially what you want if your pooch is unwell, as the last thing you want is additional stress due to finances.

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