How Painting Can Help Your Brain

Written By Alla Levin
May 17, 2021

How Painting Can Help Your Brain

If you want to age smoothly, then you will require a regular regime of exercise. When you are blessed with a creative hobby like painting; it will keep your mind strong. The overall quality of life will be improved.

We shall be taking a look at some of the ways that painting impact positively on mental health. The phrase ‘neurobics’ was coined by Dr. Katz. It is used by dissertation writers and more common people to describe.

# It Bolsters Memory

When you are painting, it can sharpen the mind using conceptual visualization and implementation. It also goes all the way to boost memory skills. Those that are involved in creative arts like writing, painting, and drawing will not develop old-age illnesses relating to memory loss as they age gracefully.

It is a known fact that emotions that cannot be expressed in words can be represented through painting. This is a great way to release inner thoughts that words cannot express. Painters use their artwork to overcome shyness and convey their thoughts.

# Improves Creative Growth

We cannot ignore the aspect of creative growth of the brain when people take to the art of painting. For right-brain people, the painting comes easy. However, the left-brainers who are more analytic will stimulate creative growth when they practice painting.

Practice and focus are two attributes that are common among left-brainers. They use it to learn creative skills at their pace. They work at their own pace; the more reason why they can foster creative growth.

# Self Relief

There are loads of stress-related issues in the polity. It is a fact that mental health issues and stress go hand in hand. Everyone needs an emotional release from stress if we are to live our normal lives. When people create something beautiful out of their artistic imagination, a creative mind is stimulated. This, in turn, goes all the way to relieve mental stress.

When painters release anxiety in the form of painting, it helps relaxation, and it is a way of relieving the stress that plagues the mind. Those involved in painting can easily achieve a relaxed state of mind that helps release the problems associated with high stress levels.

# Motor An Problem-Solving Skills

An artist uses conceptual skills to breathe life into multiple solutions during the process of painting. When an artist is looking for solutions to the problem, critical thinking skills are developed; they even outside the box. For example, the use of hands to handle the brush develops critical motor skills. This creates mental shortcuts which the brain implements in everyday life.

# Emotional Growth

We cannot leave out the impact of painting on the emotional growth of the artist. Painters release emotions during the process of the artwork. The painter can understand factors that contribute to varying moods. When an artist experiments with different painting options, it triggers feelings relating to happiness, sadness, love, or anger.

# Increased Connectivity And Plasticity

Painters are known to engage in complex activities. Each time they do this, the brain creates new connections between the brain cells. The creation of art goes all the way to stimulate connections within the various parts of the brain. When the connections are high in the brain, the intelligent quotient of the individual will rise. This has been known to improve physiological and emotional resilience.

# How painting can help the brain: communication Skills

Another huge benefit that painting confers on each artist is communication skills. Painters can tap into their subconscious, and they transmit this to the outside world through their works of art. This is a clever way of keeping the brain faculty busy and productive. Artists are excellent communicators who can utilize the sensory organs to communicate their inner feelings to the world in ways that words of mouth cannot express.

# Mindfulness

Artists are excellent in the art of mindfulness. This is a vocation that takes the artist out of their physical limitations. The focus of artists when they are working is on the artwork before them. They are completely detached from their physical environment. When you attain the position of freeing your mind from the worries around you, it will d the brain a lot of good.

This acts as a balm for the brain faculty because it goes all the way to free it from the challenges that come with the madness around us today.

# Art Alters Consciousnesshow painting can help brain

In the words of Jacob Devaney in his article on the Natural Blaze website, he explained the sense of being drawn into painting and called it “embodied cognition.” It goes further to establish the fact that creative arts have the capacity to alter the consciousness of artists.

# Rate Of Blood Flow To The Brain

When blood pumps to the brain, it keeps the brain active and functioning. In the experiment performed by Professor Semir Zeki (head of neuroaesthetics at University College London); It was established that when artists engage in their art, there is strong activity in the brain, which produces increased blood flow.

How Painting Can Help Brain: To conclude

When we take a look at the 10 points discussed above, it can be seen that art has a positive impact on the brain faculty. Creative self-expression has the potential to heal those that are inflicted with mental illness. There are much more to the cognitive benefits of art to mental health and well-being.

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