Starting From Scratch- How To Plan A Garden Revamp

Written By Alla Levin
May 21, 2021

Starting From Scratch- How To Plan A Garden Revamp

It’s that time of year again when we look forward to basking in the sunshine and spending as much time as possible in the garden. If your outdoor space needs a revamp in time for the summer, this guide is packed with tips. 

Landscaping and design ideas

The best place to start when sprucing up your garden and planning a makeover is by creating a design blueprint. Gather ideas, get inspiration from blogs, magazines, and gardens you’ve visited or seen on TV, and start putting a virtual plan together. Create a mood board using cuttings, screenshots, and drawings and figure out how you want your garden to look and the kind of vibe you want to create. 

The next step to take is to decide who is going to do the work. If you have grand plans for a garden transformation, you may be thinking about seeking expert advice and hiring help, mainly if there are landscaping jobs involved. On the other hand, if you want to create different levels, you’re thinking about leveling the garden, or you want to add features such as walls, sunken or raised seating areas, or fountains, it’s wise to research local firms. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations and read reviews and ratings online. It’s also great to ask for ideas in local social media groups. 

Garden revamp: lawn care and planting

If you’re keen to create an outdoor oasis and add plants, create a beautiful, lush lawn, and enhance the vibrancy of your garden, it’s beneficial to start with the basics. First, inspect your lawn and flower beds, flower boxes and planters, and check their condition.

You may need to contact companies that specialize in screened or unscreened topsoil sales, or you might be thinking about replacing a patchy, unhealthy lawn with fresh turf or artificial grass. If you’re eager to add more trees and plants, take a trip to the garden center. You can use pots, containers, and planters to breathe new life into patios and decking areas and inject color and channel themes. If you’re filling flower beds, think about the colors you want to use and research in advance so that you know what types of flowers you’re looking for. 

Details and accessories

When it comes to creating a gorgeous garden, details can make all the difference. You can use everything from outdoor rugs, cushions, and blankets to lighting, ornaments, and parasols to embrace different trends, showcase your style and give your garden a beautiful, unique aesthetic. The details and accessories you choose can also help you add ambiance. If you’re looking to design a serene haven, for example, you can use soft furnishings, including rugs and blankets, low-level lighting and string lights, hammocks, and outdoor candles.

Is your garden looking a little dull or drab after the winter, or have you recently moved house and inherited an overgrown yard or a garden that is crying out for serious TLC? Whether you fancy a change and you’re keen to try out new trends or your garden needs immediate attention, take these tips on board to create a stunning outdoor oasis. 

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