5 Ways To Bring Your Corporate Blog To the Next Level

Written By Alla Levin
May 21, 2021
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5 Ways To Bring Your Corporate Blog To the Next Level

As the business owner with an online and offline presence, you focus on making sure both fronts are as appealing as possible to potential clients. You can take your business’s website to the next level by taking advantage of a blog’s benefits. It makes your entire website and brand more engaging, drives traffic, and makes your brand more trustworthy.

However, it’s a thin line between a blog that regularly posts interesting content and one that spams readers with useless or uninteresting content. You need to make sure to keep it interesting, so your readers come back for more and end up becoming paying customers. Additionally, creating compelling blog content can help you boost your website in Google’s search results and form connections with industry peers.

Unique Resources

Many corporate blogs fall into the trap of publishing boring content that’s purely informational. However, unless you’re the only company in your industry, much of this content can also be found on other websites and blogs as well. The best way to get around it is by creating information with a unique component, whether that’s original research or a refreshing angle. Some examples include:

  • Conducting Surveys If your blog or website has high traffic, consider inviting visitors to partake in a short survey. Then, convert the results into an informative blog post.
  • Original ResearchYou can also analyze research done by others and use it to find underlying patterns, and then report on your findings in a unique blog post.
  • Create a Quiz You can create a short quiz that matches each client with the perfect service or product from your line to suit their situation and needs.
  • Create a ToolYou can create a calculator or graph maker that answers a unique question to your industry in a way that’s custom to each user.

The more unique and valuable your blog posts are, the more likely other websites are to share and link to them. This helps more potential customers find out about your company and signals Google that your company is trustworthy.

Corporate Blog: Innovative Formatsthe king of all non-written content infographics

Just because you run a blog doesn’t mean you strictly have to post written content. Even if that’s the primary type of content you share, it can hugely benefit your blog post in various innovative formats.

Try using slideshows and graphics to explain topics in a unique, visual way. They can also contain more links to lead the visitor around your site. You can also take things a step further and use videos and stock or custom-made animations to present information to your readers in a new way. Explainer videos are an increasingly popular type of content.

And don’t forget the king of all non-written content: infographics. They are an easy and eye-catching way to present data and findings to your audience. Not to mention, people are more likely to share infographics cross-social media and send them directly to friends and relatives. So whichever method you settle on, make sure it’s not as common in your industry. That way, you can stand out among the crowd and gain a larger audience.

Expert Interviews

What makes a blog successful in its industry is its credibility and ability to deliver trustworthy content consistently. You can up your credibility by conducting interviews with industry experts and ask them questions your readers would like to know an answer to. Then, publish your interview results in various ways—anything from blog posts and infographics to podcasts, transcripts, and videos.

Not to mention, the expert you interviewed and their close circle are more likely to read and share the interview with their circles. This increases your network, allowing you to interview more experts and even introduce them to staff in your own company for further connection opportunities.

Corporate Blog: Employee Profilescorporate blog

A great way to highlight your team and make the website’s visitors trust you more is by introducing your employees using curated profiles. Employees can even share their profiles and their colleagues’ profiles on their social media to increase the number and reach of backlinks. This is also a way to demonstrate and celebrate your company’s talent. It will also make your employees feel appreciated and valued for the work they do, especially if you emphasize their latest accomplishments and strong points.

EAT Content

EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It’s a criterion that Google uses to rank websites in its search results. The more content your website has that meets the EAT criteria, the higher it will rank when people search for keywords related to your product or service. A high-quality blog is a great place to host this content, thereby driving more traffic to your website.

EAT may sound complicated or mysterious, especially because an algorithm measures it. However, remember that it’s modeled after human methods of determining quality. Any of the content types mentioned above can be EAT content if done correctly. Once you learn the basics of how to create EAT content, you can start organically increasing your company’s exposure.

While that can be easy for a small blog, it gets trickier the bigger you grow. When that happens, you can source your digital and content marketing needs to marketing professionals. Experts keep up with the changes in trends in your industry and any adjustments Google makes to their search engine algorithm.

Corporate Blog: Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Trends are constantly evolving, as is Google’s algorithm. So even if you overhaul your company’s blog to match the current criteria, there’s a chance that at some point, it will stop bringing in visitors.

That’s when you know it’s time for another evaluation of your blog and the type of content you post. Keeping track of competitors’ strategies, and always staying innovative, will help you continue using your blog as a useful tool.

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