Ways To Use Hairpin Legs For Interiors

Written By Alla Levin
June 01, 2021

Ways To Use Hairpin Legs For Interiors

Figuring the hairpin legs’ inspiration is simple and making them look modern in your house is not an outstanding challenge either, especially as they have the elegant and sleek charm. So make sure to include them in your projects and search for them in stores if you plan for a bedroom makeover.

Coffee tables

The coffee tables comprising these legs, whether the color is bold or simple, will look stylish both in modern and usual-looking homes. The tables can either blend in or stand out. Everything depends on how you integrate while using décor, colors, materials, and textures used around the table.

Make a combination with tree trunk slabs

Tree trunk slices or stumps make an exquisite tabletop for coffee tables or side tables. But think how they will look with hairpin legs? The contrast would look interesting, and the entire combination will be something different from others and remembered by the guests while coming in.

Modern desks

If it’s very tall, a console or coffee table can be converted into a practical and beautiful desk.  Choose the design of your choice if you want to make it look more shiny or simple. The design can also be customized and can be completed as a DIY project. 

Sleek and modern bookshelves

Bookshelves and bookcases usually tend to look robust and bulky because of their design and nature. The best way where they can look elegant and thin is by adding hairpin legs to them. Elevate your bookshelves and create a strong and delicate base. 

See hairpin legs that look, which can also be the coolest way to add space and dimension to a room.

Chairs and dining tables

By adding hairpin legs, you will make your chairs and table look elegant. However, a matching set might look a little forced if looked at from the aesthetic viewpoint. Therefore, it is the best option to have a pedestal table or a simple and sturdy base complemented by the chairs or vice versa.

Beds different from the usual ones

Even the beds, robust and big as they look like, hairpin legs and can support. This shows its versatility. If you want to make some changes to your old bed and install legs in it, find the right height. These work the best with platform beds.

Bathroom decoration

Furniture having hairpin legs is perfect for the bathroom, as it also has limited space. With the help of an open design, you can maximize the space illusion of cabinet and vanity, and plenty of space can be used for other storage. The washbasin can also be supported with hairpin legs.

Hairpin legs for interiors: Benches and sofa

The pins might look thin, but they are strong enough to support. The customization can be done by adding a wooden top and some comfortable mattress or cushion, or it can be left as if you are using it for the bedroom. So do the homework and choose the right material for your interiors! 

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