Surprisingly Sustainable: Three Ways That Business Technology Can Fuel Environmental Focuses

Written By Alla Levin
June 01, 2021

Three Ways That Business Technology Can Fuel Environmental Focuses

Energy consumption has long been listed as one of the leading causes of climate change, and businesses are some of the worst offenders. Lights that are on all day, and continued use of laptops, etc., certainly play their part in environmental damage, a fact that has seen increasing workplace shifts towards switching off and unplugging wherever possible.

With this in mind, it can seem strange to consider technology and sustainability in the same sentence. Still, the reality is that modern tech is largely driving a more climate-focused workplace. In fact, implementing the latest technology to help towards sustainable practices could well see businesses doing their part at last, and here are three main reasons why.

Plugging performance gaps

Technological advancements, installed off the back of energy audits like those offered by are directly developed to address existing performance problems. Given that these issues most often lead to wasted energy and inefficient processes, this is fantastic news for fuelling a more sustainable business moving forward.

Ensuring the right tech integrations is especially crucial in helping to reduce the amount of software/technology that businesses rely on, ensuring smooth processes while simultaneously helping to burn less energy. This can go a long way towards keeping costs down and, more importantly, ensures that your enterprise never causes unnecessary environmental damage. 

Speeding business processesSpeeding business processes

As can be seen from this article at, technology stands to speed a range of business processes, including communications, project management, and even conferencing. This is obviously beneficial for everyday business and ensures better results for less work, but faster operations, in general, are also fantastic news for sustainability.

After all, the faster employees can complete even basic tasks, the less energy they require overall, and the less time they ultimately spend in the office. In this sense, well-thought technology can reduce rather than increase any business’ carbon footprint, bringing more sustainable practices within way easier reach, and fuelling a future environmental focus that is guaranteed to reap positive results. 

Automation on a wide scale

It’s also crucial to note that the automation inherent in most modern technologies is another driving force for improved sustainability moving forward. Again, there’s a strong argument here for the ability to do more in less time, but wide-scale workplace automation also brings further sustainability benefits worth noting.

Though it’s often considered an afterthought, the ability to automate things like office heating or lighting is perhaps one of the main benefits here, ensuring more efficient processes overall. In addition, the automation of things like project management is also crucial for driving a lasting focus on flexible work that leaves offices empty more often and reduces harmful output as a result. 

Technology might have played its part in damaging the environment once. Still, modern integrations look set to right those wrongs by addressing the problem head-on with sustainable, efficient processes moving forward. By embracing these opportunities, businesses stand to do their bit for their environment and their financial outgoings, both now and into the future. 

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