Beauty Comes In All Sizes: Curve Is The New Black

Written By Alla Levin
June 04, 2021

Beauty Comes In All Sizes: Curve Is The New Black

The curve is the new black! The ideal body type has changed throughout different eras. The 90s belonged to the waif. In the 60s, Amazonian women were in fashion. The 50s were home to the hourglass figures. Today, being curvy is the new body type, and it’s here to stay. So if you’ve been criticizing and battering your body for years, settle down because you’re more than just a number on the scale.

The fashion industry is now more inclusive than ever. That said, there is a boatload of plus-size clothing options for gorgeously full-figured women. So it’s time for you to stop wearing unflattering clothes and start wearing the kind of clothing that puts your curves on display.

The key to pulling off a dress is through body confidence. Now, confidence doesn’t come from trying to be someone you’re not. Instead, it comes from embracing the body you’ve already got. So if you’re a curvy woman with little to no knowledge on how to find sexy clothing that best complements your body type, we’re here to put an end to your confusion.

Whether your personal style is sophisticated or quirky, trendy or classic, these plus-size fashion tips will help you flaunt your curves in a revolutionary way.

Love your curls and curvaturesLove your curls and curvatures

One of the ancient and most doable plus-size fashion advice is to choose clothes that hide your body or draw attention away from it – that’s cruel. Clothes that fit well and emphasize your curves can be far more gratifying than putting on something baggy or oversized. After all, God didn’t bless you with curves so that you can hide them under weird and unattractive clothing.

One of the best things to look for in plus size dresses is whether it draws attention to your sexy features, be it your legs, bust, hips, or anything else. Once you find an outfit that makes you a sight for the sore eye, you’ll never be at war with your curves again. Instead, you will find more ways to flaunt them.

Spanx your way to the top

Yes, Spanx can be irritating. They make it hard to breathe and are super uncomfortable. But when it comes to fashion, you have to take one for the team. Spanx is one of the best types of body shapers that provide a sexy and smooth figure. It tailors down your body parts to the perfect shape and size. It works like wonders for wearing all types of dresses, even wedding gowns.

Avoid bulky clothing

We know, for full-figured women, it is alluring to want to hide under a thousand layers of fabric, but it’s a huge mistake. It does nothing but makes you look bigger. Outfits that may otherwise be flattering, like a wrap dress, suddenly become unflattering because there is tons of extra fabric around your body. Sure, a few well-placed ruffles can be adorable, but too many, or in the wrong place, add volume where nobody wants it.

Furthermore, too-high necks can also work against you. Therefore, show some skin – curve is the new black. It might seem counterintuitive or intimidating at first. But once you do it, you’ll realize that it’s so much more satisfying than hiding under a rock.

Jeans are always to die for finest jeans for full-figured women

Plus-sized women may think they only have one option for bottoms and jeans, but they have a series of choices in reality. The finest jeans for full-figured women fit both the hips and the waist, which can be grim. In fact, this may require some expert altering from someone who knows what they’re doing. So if you have a personal tailor within your reach, allow him/her to tailor your jeans. There’s always something you can do to look good!

Invest in good undergarments

Clothing that eyes won’t even see while you’re out and about can still be a very critical part of your look. So, believe it or not, some essential plus-size fashion tips are about lingerie and bras. Be skeptical of shapewear; while it works fine for some women, it may create more problems in the wrong places for others.

Thankfully, finding the suitable garment that fits you correctly can make a viable difference and make you feel much more comfortable.

Don’t forget to love yourself

Self-love is important because when you love yourself, you glow inside-out. Everything starts with and how you feel about yourself, so add this to your plus-size fashion guide.

Sure, fashionable accessories and clothes can help you look good, but self-love is a whole other kind of beauty. Remind yourself that your body is beautiful, unique, and something you can take pride in. Therefore, take good care of your body, fill your wardrobe with skin-tight outfits, and show the world who you are!

Curve Is The New Black: The Takeaway

So what if you have a few lumps on your body? Embrace every part of you! After all, there is nothing more erratic, nor more beautiful, than a woman being boldly herself, comfortable in her perfect imperfections. These styling hacks are all ideal for plus-size women who want to feel confident and look magnificent. All you need to do is love yourself for who you are because that’s the most significant rebellion in the world of sizes. So wear whatever you want because the world is your oyster!

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