When Do You Need a Drug Lawyer in Houston?

Written By Alla Levin
June 04, 2021

When Do You Need a Drug Lawyer in Houston?

Over 63% of drug abuse cases in Houston, TX, are attributable to heroin abuse. Reports also show that cocaine consumption and trafficking have significantly increased in Houston in the last decade. Drug charges in Houston come with severe legal and financial consequences.

The services of a reputed professional in Houston drug lawyer become mandatory if you are involved in a drug charge in Houston, TX. An experienced attorney can help you handle your drug possession and trafficking case. Besides financial costs and legal consequences, drug possession and trafficking charges can impact the quality of life of the accused.

Drug Charges in Houston

Houston’s drug charges could lead to state penalties as high as $10,000 and federal charges as high as $250,000. Offenders could also face jail time of up to two years. Drug cases in Houston can be drug possession cases, drug abuse charges, or drug trafficking cases.

Drug Possession Charges

You could be charged with a drug possession case if the prosecution can successfully prove that you were in conscious possession of a prohibited substance. Hence, the prosecution will have to prove that you had the drug and that you were aware of the fact that you possessed the drug.

Hence, mere possession of the drug is not enough to get you convicted. Your lawyer can prove that you were unaware that you possessed the drug or that you were unaware that the substance you possessed was illegal.

Drug Abuse Charges

Drug abuse charges are more challenging. The prosecution or Houston police may use drug tests involving blood and urine to detect traces of the substance in your system. If traces of an illicit drug are found in your body, you may be convicted with drug administration or abuse charges. A Houston-based drug lawyer may argue that you were unaware that the drug or substance you consumed was illegal.

Your lawyer could also argue that a doctor medically prescribed the drugs found in your body to treat a medical condition. You may have to submit doctors’ recommendation letters or medical records to prove that the use and administration of the drug were authorized. Doctors may conduct sobriety tests, blood tests, and breath tests.

An expert lawyer knows the provisions and legal details surrounding drug laws in Houston, TX. The lawyer can use his/her legal knowledge and expertise to establish your innocence or at least get you a plea bargain. Your attorney can help reduce your fines or jail time through negotiations and pleas.

Drug Trafficking Cases

Houston has strict legislation against drug trafficking. Reports show that drug abuse and drug trafficking play a significant role in increasing the crime rate in the city. Drug trafficking is a severe offense involving heavy legal consequences.

The services of an expert drug lawyer are vital if you are involved in a drug trafficking case. While the lawyer may not be able to get you an acquittal in an obvious drug trafficking case, the lawyer may be able to reduce the magnitude of punishments.

Need a Drug Lawyer: Summary

Drug charges can also lead to additional inspections and additional charges like gang-related charges and violent crime charges. Drug charges also affect the reputation of the person accused. An experienced drug lawyer can help minimize the legal effects of the case.

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