Mileage Blocker: The Best Device For Correcting Mileage

Written By Alla Levin
June 08, 2021

Mileage Blocker: The Best Device For Correcting Mileage

Rewinding mileage is a fairly popular service, both when reselling old cars and when servicing new ones. Therefore, potential buyers would like to know — what they will pay their money. Mileage correction consists of using a special device. The mileage blocker does not allow information on the mileage to enter the odometer — this is its main advantage.

One of the most essential factors affecting the price of a car when it is sold is its mileage. It is for this reason that car mileage correction is a very popular service today. When a car owner is going to put his car up for sale, he can use this mileage blocker. There are examples when sellers are attempting to show all the advantages of their car, and in such cases, odometer mileage correction can be very useful.

When will it be useful to adjust the mileage?

The adjustment of mileage blocker can be helpful in such cases:

  • Firstly, if the speedometer readings do not correspond to the real state of the car, this will allow car owners to sell it with the greatest benefit for the user.
  • Secondly, it is required to correct the mileage when changing wheels to a different diameter, as this will affect the speed of the car, which in turn will make the speedometer readings false.
  • Thirdly, if the engine has been changed, then the speedometer readings are most often reset to zero.
  • Fourth, the car owner may be tempted to replace a broken panel with another. In this case, the change in the car’s mileage is necessary in order for it to show the mileage of this particular car.

Also, situations are not excluded when the speedometer readings can completely reset to zero after the dashboard malfunctions are eliminated. In this case, it is obligatory to correct the odometer.

Ways to adjust the speedometer readingsWays to adjust the speedometer readings

According to statistics, owners of foreign cars use the mileage blocker, since it is much more difficult to determine the actual mileage of the car using them. If a person urgently needs to adjust the mileage of the car, he can contact only professionals who will quickly do their job without harming the car.

How performed

Speedometer adjustments are done in different ways. Much depends on the type of the car and the year of its production. This affects whether the dashboard needs to be removed or not. In cars, the mileage rollback is performed as follows. Firstly, mounting the mileage blocker behind the dashboard. Then reading data. In the end — correction of data.

Speedometer correction is performed in 20-30 minutes. This procedure is absolutely risk-free for the machine. Of course, the service is carried out confidentially and information about it is not disclosed to unauthorized persons.

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