System Cabinets — the Last Word in Server Technology

Written By Alla Levin
June 09, 2021

System Cabinets — the Last Word in Server Technology

Building a structured cabling system is hard to imagine without the use of server cabinets. They can compactly accommodate active and passive equipment. It also makes optimal use of the area of ​​data centers or other premises allocated for these purposes. The use of cabinets from also facilitates further maintenance of the cable system and its modernization.

In addition, the system racks are aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, people can use them in common areas. They will organically fit into the interior and will not spoil the overall atmosphere. The range at includes both floor-standing and wall-mounted models of rack cabinets.


Manufacturers create server and telecommunication cabinets for compact installation and correct use of IT equipment. They have a base of frame — a rack with rails.

The back and sides of the structure have space for a cable outlet. The manufacturer equips modern popular models with connectors, and the best ones have broad functionality and a grounding system.

Unique features

Server cabinets are collapsible for easy transportation. Installation of the cabinet on-site is not complicated, so that everyone can handle it. In addition, this design allows access to the equipment from the front and other sides, convenient for mounting. Other features include:

  • The manufacturer can fit the front door with transparent glass. It allows for regular visual inspection of the equipment without unnecessary manipulation.
  • Some models have an integrated lock for access control. It protects the cabinet from interference by persons who do not have the proper competence and access rights.

How to choose the type of equipment

A systematic approach is required when installing equipment from in server rooms, data centers, telecommunication rooms, and halls. The vertical arrangement of numerous pieces of equipment saves space, which is especially important in limited space. For such an installation in buildings, people often use mounting racks or telecommunication cabinets of various types.

Wall-mounted server racks from are ideal for placing various network equipment in the form of hubs, routers, and switches. People design floor-standing enclosures to accommodate larger equipment such as servers, power modules, computers, and telecommunications equipment. Servers and equipment are expensive and carry valuable information. Therefore, to ensure the safety and durability of the content, it is worth choosing the right equipment for the server room.

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