7 Weird & Wonderful Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

Written By Alla Levin
June 14, 2021
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Weird & Wonderful Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

Cats are such an awesome pet to have as they don’t require lots of maintenance yet bring so much joy to your life. If you have a cat and want to learn more about them or think of getting one – or maybe you love cats – then this is the article for you. You’re about to have your mind blown by some weird and wonderful things you didn’t know about cats. 

They genuinely always land on their feet

The whole ‘cats always land on their feet’ thing has long been considered something of a myth. It’s up there with the nine lives shtick, and only there’s genuinely a lot of concrete evidence suggesting cats always land on their feet. There’s actually something called the cat righting reflex that makes a cat twist itself in the air and land safely on its feet. No other animal has this reflex, and it’s one of the many things that make cats unique!

Things you didn’t know about cats: cats sweat through their paws

Have you ever looked at a cat and wondered why it isn’t super sweaty? How does a cat sweat? Surely they aren’t dry creatures that never sweat…surely?! But, much like humans, cats do possess sweat glands, and only theirs are on their paws. That’s right, and your little cat is sweating through its paws, regulating body temperature. It’s an interesting little fact that might explain why you sometimes see wet paw prints when it’s sunny. 

They can climb really, really well

Have you ever seen a cat jump up a wall? Of course, you have, they do it all the time, and it never fails to amaze! However, did you know that cats are very capable of climbing as well? Some types are better than others, and you have online celebrities like Millie the climbing cat who show what’s possible. This particular cat has been rock climbing with its owners, showcasing a cat’s natural ability to scale vertical surfaces. If you wanted to get technical, it’s probably related to jungle cats and their ability to traverse trees with ease. 

A cat’s purr can heal its bones

This sounds like something plucked from a work of fiction. How on earth can a cat’s purr heal bones? Well, it’s all down to the frequency that a cat purrs at. Most will purr between 25 and 150 Hertz, which is an extraordinary frequency. Coincidentally, it’s the frequency at which muscles and bones best grow and repair themselves. As such, many experts theorize that cats will purr when they’re in pain to help heal their wounds. Unfortunately, they can’t heal you with their purrs, but it still sounds nice when they’re doing it! The next time your cat is purring, they could be trying to recover. 

Cats have fingerprints…on their noses

One of the strangest facts about cats is that they technically have their own fingerprint. No, it’s not on their paws – it’s on their nose! All cats have a unique nose print, much like we have unique fingerprints. It’s an exciting and amusing thing to think about – imagine cats lining up and dabbing their nose on something to give a fingerprint. Surely Apple or someone will create a nose print scanner for phones at some point?!

Things you didn’t know about cats: cats think you need to be fed

If you have a cat, you will definitely have experienced instances where they have brought you back a treat from their daily excursions. Usually, this is something that they have killed and brought back home with them. To us, it’s pretty disgusting, and you don’t quite know what you’re supposed to do.

However, it’s actually very wholesome when you look at it from a cat’s perspective. They aren’t aware that you can hunt and feed yourself, so they go out and do it for you. So, what seems like them showing off their hunting skills is actually a cat bringing you food. It’s funny how, despite being very small and domesticated, pet cats still act like their part of a pride of lions or bigger cats!

Things you didn’t know about cats: cats groom themselves for hours

Ever thought that showering takes a long time? Try being a cat! These little felines will spend up to five hours a day grooming themselves. This is how they keep themselves clean, which is good to know that your cat isn’t filthy! Still, it’s crazy to think that while you’re working a 9-5, your cat has spent over half of the time grooming itself. 

Cats are such intriguing and lovely animals that deserve all the care in the world. Hopefully, you enjoyed these weird and wonderful facts that taught you some new things about your kitty. 

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