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Under The Radar Islands Worth Visiting

At some point, everyone desires a nice, relaxing island vacation. With so many different options to choose from, it is hard to pick the best one to visit.  Accommodating all of your wants and needs may seem hard, but it is never impossible.

With summer in full swing, likely, many islands are already booked up until the winter. However, many islands are four-season destinations. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation with your family, or a weekend getaway with your friends, the United States has several options to get your Island fill. Here are a few of our favorite under-the-radar islands to visit, no matter the season.

Islands worth visiting: Put-In-Bay

If you are in the market for a Bachelor’s or Bachelorette party, spring break, graduation, or any Celebration, Put-in-Bay is the perfect place to be. Located On South Bass Island in Lake Erie, it is considered a part of an Ohio Village. There are plenty of things to do with kids and great entertainment throughout the week and on the weekend.

To get to the island, you will have to take the Miller Ferry or Jet Express. Upon your arrival, you can choose from a large selection of accommodations from waterfront condos,  four-bedroom homes on the Bay. Send out by the pool zip around the island on a golf cart, moped, or bicycle to adventure through the town. Check out the Perry International Peace Memorial or the rocky lakeside beaches as you explore the island. No matter the time of year, you will have a great time and make long-lasting memories.

St. Simons Island

If you’re looking for a more laid-back vacation that is rich in history and culture, Saint Simons Island in Georgia is the perfect place for you. Nestled on Georgia’s barrier islands offers beautiful Coastal getaways that will have you never wanting to leave. Take a day trip to the littlest. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, the island, or even Brunswick to see many luxury golf courses, restaurants, shops, and much more.

Check out pure Village as you have a nice lunch or dinner overlooking the ocean. Choose from an assortment of beautiful beach houses with private pools, condos, beach cottages, and much more. Dive into nature on one of their many trails or try out horseback riding on the beach. Not only is Saint Simons Island a wonderful place to visit during the summer, but it is also typically quite warm year-round making it a spectacular place to visit in the winter as well.

Outer BanksNorth Carolina, it's the Outer Banks

Located just off the coast of North Carolina, it’s the Outer Banks. Popular for those interested in watersports, the Outer Banks is the East Coast surfing hub. Not only is the island historic for the area that first took flight, but it also holds the largest dunes on the East Coast.

Choose to stay on the sound front or Oceanfront, and wake up every day to a beautiful body of water. Sit back and relax on the warm sand, or have an adventure-packed day like going on a bi-plane ride or try horseback riding on the beach. This island typically gains popularity around summer. However, it is the perfect place to visit all year. Its seclusion makes any worries you came with melt away.

Islands worth visiting: St. George IslandIslands worth visiting

St. George Island is located just off the Florida Panhandle in the northern Gulf of Mexico. With over 22 miles of beautiful beach, this Barrier island is one of the most unspoiled, Serene beaches on the East Coast. With not a skyrise insight, you can truly feel unplugged from the world when visiting this island. There are plenty of things to do with your family, like frolicking in the crystal blue water to exploring the salt marshes for wildlife.

Stay in a  charming beach cottage or opt for a Gulf-front home. At St. George Island, you don’t have to leave anybody behind, including your pets. The island is pet-friendly, and many vacation rentals accommodate your pets. This way, your whole family can enjoy a sweet island vacation.  St. George Island has perfect weather all year round, making it a wonderful place to visit no matter the time of year. Visit in the middle of summer, or take a Christmas vacation. You won’t be disappointed either way.

Finding the perfect Island to accommodate all of your needs and wants doesn’t have to be stressful. The islands mentioned above are some of our favorites because they offer many things to do like museums, nature trails, and much more.

This way, if there is a day you aren’t interested in being in the water or on the beach, there are many other historical places to explore, restaurants to experience, or boutiques to visit. An island vacation is perfect any time of the year. Whether you are looking to escape to a warmer climate in the winter or visit the ocean during the summer, it is never a dull moment on island time.

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