Packing Tips for Light Travelers
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10 Essential Packing Tips for Light Travelers

The biggest dilemma while preparing for a trip is what to pack. On one side, you want to be able to carry all your stuff around easily. On another, you feel like every little thing is important.

People tend to pack too many things, only to realize that at least half of them haven’t been used. Fortunately, there is a way to pack everything you possibly need without calling a packing service for help.

Create your style

Take a look at the clothing items that you most often wear when you’re at home. The thing is, you will most probably get dressed similarly while on a trip. Think about your clothing habits, favorite pieces, and color palettes, and create your capsule wardrobe based on it.

Make sure that everything can mix and match to go well together so you can have different outfits. This refers to clothes, shoes, makeup, and accessories and will simplify your packing.

Research the area

Before going on a trip, see whether you will have access to a hairdryer, laundry service, or dry cleaner and enough towels, blankets, and pillows. This will downsize your list and make your baggage lighter since you won’t need to pack any heavy items.

Don’t pack “just-in-case.”

Choose only “must-haves,” lay them out to get a visual of it, and see if something is still excessive. You can easily buy or borrow all the other “just-in-case” items. Or find out that you are good without them. This requires some experience, but after a couple of trips, you will know exactly what you will need on your next journey.

A mini cabin bag, for example, an Eminent small wheeled suitcase, is also a great option for those who want to lighten their packing load. Not only are they easy to carry, but they also pack a punch and can fit more items than one might think.

With compartments designed to organize garments quickly and conveniently, they can hold the essentials while remaining light on the luggage scale. Furthermore, suitcases of this type tend to feature durable materials that provide excellent protection for your belongings without taking up too much space in your luggage.

Backpack vs. a suitcaseBackpack vs. a suitcase

Suitcases are pretty heavy on their own. So, choose one light, preferably waterproof backpack instead. Backpacks are not only more practical to carry around, but they also put equal weight on your body. Plus, if you manage to keep the weight of your luggage below a limit, you won’t have to pay excess baggage fees.

Weight your luggage

To avoid those fees, this step is essential. Instead of guessing, weigh your bag to see if it is below the requested weight. So, choose clothes made of light and breathable materials. Choose leggings and tights instead of jeans or fleece instead of a woolen sweater. They take up little space, and you can wear them in layers to keep yourself warm.

Use travel-size toiletries

Travel-size toiletries are very practical. They can last up to a week and are available in most pharmacies and drugstores, so you can easily buy more at your destination.

There are solid toiletries on the market as well. They can be more convenient as they can’t accidentally open and spill all over your bag. You can also cut them into pieces, take only the necessary amount, or share them with a traveling partner.

Necessary techs only

A few smart swaps can save you a lot of space:

  • Phone instead of a bulky camera;
  • Earbuds instead of heavy headphones;
  • Kindle instead of a pile of books;
  • Compact travel mirror with light instead of a giant ring light;
  • Foldable Bluetooth keyboard instead of a laptop.

Packing tips for light travelers: period products

Unfortunately, period products can be unavailable in some countries. If you are expecting your period during a trip, check out if you need to pack them or buy them on the spot.

Pads and tampon packages can be big and take up a lot of space. However, there are some alternatives. Absorbing and washable period underwear and menstrual cups are new things on the market but are supposedly more comfortable. They certainly use very little space, so why not give them a try?

Prescription medication only

Bring only the amount that will cover the days you are away if you take some medication. If you’re not crossing the boards, you can pack them in a travel pill pot. Non-prescription drugs are usually available off-the-counter pretty much anywhere. Take only a few bandages and painkillers until you can get to a pharmacy.

Packing tips for light travelers: stay organized

Packing cubes, folders, and sacks are highly convenient and space-saving. They are washable, too. They can keep your clothes wrinkle-free, which is superb for dresses, button-up shirts, or blouses.

They are lightweight but sturdy enough to be reused. You can store items separately and categorize them, making it easier to find exactly what you need. As you can see, lightly packing doesn’t require sacrificing your style and comfort. You need to plan everything and give priority to moving around easily.

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