10 Amazing UX Design Examples for Inspiration and Insight

Written By Alla Levin
June 22, 2021

UX Design Examples for Inspiration and Insight

Did you know that for every dollar that you invest into user experience, you get $100 in return on investment? There are many great UX design examples across various apps and companies that are inspiring and help create an impression and build trust with potential customers.

Using digital services to create a unique user experience can set your company and products apart and get customers to sign up for a new account with your brand. Continue reading for ten great UX design examples and UI UX design firms that will inspire you to differentiate your growing brand from your competition.

Disney+ Landing Page

The Disney+ landing page is a great example of amazing user experience design. It is easy to use for anyone who has ever navigated a streaming service’s home page like Netflix.

It has a prominently featured area on the home screen that displays new content at the top of the screen with rows of TV and movie options below that move horizontally when you scroll. Even better, Disney+ has the familiar logos of the five brands under the Disney umbrella for easy and convenient browsing of content.

Apple Product ComparisonUX Design Examples

Apple’s website does a great job of differentiating itself from its competition. One feature that stands out is the Apple product comparison feature.

This feature allows you to choose up to three different items from a category of products and get a side-by-side comparison of them all. This is especially great when comparing different models of a product like the iPhone 12 with slightly different variants with different performance specs.

You can get a more in-depth view of each product comparison or a general overview of the information. Another nice factor is the convenience of the name of each product staying at the top of the screen as you scroll down.


Google is by far the world’s largest and most used search engine. There are billions of searches using Google’s search engine every single day. While Google has expanded into other tech sectors, the Google search engine turned it into the behemoth that it is today.

A large reason for that is the user experience that Google offers to its users. It created the most simple and fast search engine ever devised. Type what you want to search for into the search bar and hit enter. In addition to a great user experience, Google is an expert at data analytics. Learn more about how data analytics helps you grow your business at decibel.com.


Rover provides a great and unique user experience through its use of reviews. Many people view their dog as a family member and don’t want to entrust its wellbeing to just anyone. Rover’s review system allows you to properly vet the person taking care of your four-legged friend if you need to go out of town or have a long day at the office ahead of you.


Learning a new language isn’t easy, but Duolingo’s user experience makes it much more accessible. The app starts by asking users three simple questions. From there, choose the language you’d like to learn, and you’re off and running.

Competitors like Rosetta Stone make users decide on a plan and pay before they can start. Duolingo makes learning a new language as pain-free and simple as possible.


PayPal’s new website design made navigating and using PayPal’s digital services a breeze, but it wasn’t always that simple. Before the overhaul, the design was complicated and frustrating to use. When creating their new user experience, PayPal used the Laws of Simplicity to perfection for both their website and their mobile app.


What sets MailChimp apart from other companies is that it humanizes its user experience. It gives its app and its company a face, even if that face isn’t human. MailChimp has a chimpanzee as its mascot.

This chimp’s name is Freddie, and he pops up and makes appearances all through the MailChimp interface to add humor and make the user experience more enjoyable. Adding a human element to their app makes MailChimp more enjoyable to use and creates a sense of working as a team to maximize your email marketing strategies.

Starbucksordering online

The Starbucks mobile app does an amazing job at using smart personalization for users that are ordering online. The app looks at your order history and purchasing patterns to tailor a shortlist of items you might want.

You can access these frequently ordered items on the “Recents” tab as a way to quickly order your favorites off of the Starbucks app. It creates a much more enjoyable experience when compared to other food apps that force you to order through the full menu.


Simple is a banking app that is different from every other type of bank out there. This mobile banking app works seamlessly with both Apple and Android devices. Simple offers a ton of personality and humor as a brand. This is especially notable in an industry like banking. They also offer top-notch customer service to their users. Simple built their app to give their users clarity on their finances and let them know how much they can spend through the Safe to Spend feature.

YelpUse These UX Design Examples as Inspiration

Yelp has mastered the art of making things findable. They use your current location to provide you with default options. They also provide their users a list of frequently searched locations and businesses to choose from.

Yelp allows you to use reviews and filters to find the perfect option for your situation when you’re searching for specific things. You can also use their information through Google Maps to find what you’re looking for in a specific geographic area. Best of all, Yelp quickly provides the location and hours of operation of the business you’re looking at as well as reviews.

Use These UX Design Examples as Inspiration

Many companies have used user experience to build their brand and set it apart from their competitors. These UX design examples show different ways that you can set your small business apart. Whether it is putting a face to your brand, using the Laws of Simplicity, or using personalization with ordering history, there are plenty of ways to set yourself apart from the competition. For more helpful and informative lifestyle blog posts, be sure to visit our blog today!

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