The Guide To HVAC Units: What To Know About Pocket Filters

Written By Alla Levin
June 24, 2021

The Guide To HVAC Units: What To Know About Pocket Filters

HVAC units have many bits and pieces that need to run correctly to keep your home hot or cold. What you mightn’t realize is that some of these parts need to be swapped out every once in a while, such as a pocket filter.

Not many people know this, however, which leads to complications with their system. These can also be upgraded, which means that your HVAC system could be operating much more efficiently. That could be a surprise to you, as it has been with many other people. But, what is a pocket filter, and why should you consider upgrading yours?

Everything You Need To Know About Pocket Filters

What Is It?pocket filter

Many people don’t know a lot about their HVAC system. What they do know typically revolves around what it does; heating or cooling a home. It also filters the air coming into your house, which is why a system will have several filters. A pocket filter is one of the more notable.

Unlike other filters in the system, however, these focus on solid particles in a gas. They also concentrate on dust and similar particles. There are multiple versions of the filter available, alongside a range of sizes. Naturally, certain sizes will be better for specific HVAC units.

However, the different types are usually divided by the material they’re made from, with the most common being fabric. These all tend to function the same, although there can be slight differences.

Other types of material include:

  • A membrane filter, which uses a special treatment bonding alongside a fabric;
  • Woven filters, which usually include a repeating pattern, and;
  • Felted filters, which are compressed into a mat-like consistency.

Each of these can have their own pros and cons, although they’ll all improve air quality in your home, regardless of where you live.


Pocket filters are an essential part of any HVAC system and are required to operate effectively and make your home’s air healthy. That doesn’t mean that you’ll need to stick with the standard filter, as these can be upgraded. There are a few benefits to this, with these focusing on better functionality.

But what are the advantages of a good pocket filter? There are three in particular:

  • Easy To Use: Using a pocket filter is much easier than you’d expect. All you need to understand is that particular model’s operating mechanism, alongside how to clean it. It would help if you also didn’t have to worry about bills, as these shouldn’t use up too much electricity.
  • Get Rid Of Fly Ash: Fly ash is a gas that you don’t want to inhale, which is why you should filter it out of your home. A pocket filter is an ideal option for this, as it focuses on resistive particles.
  • More Efficient HVAC: Different filters offer various degrees of efficiency when filtering. As a result, picking up a high-quality option and maintaining it will ensure that your air quality stays clean and healthy.

Taking care of your HVAC system doesn’t have to be difficult. Looking after the pocket filters and a few other areas should be more than enough to maintain it. With the benefits they offer, such as better air quality and health, it’s worth putting in the effort.

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