3 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas Without the Hassle of Grass

Written By Alla Levin
November 11, 2018
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Guide to Low-Maintenance Landscaping: Ideas Without the Hassle of Grass

Sometimes the other side of the grass is actually greener. Here are 3 straightforward, low-maintenance landscaping ideas that don’t include the hassle of grass. Tired of fighting weeds and spending half of your weekend mowing your grass? Are you ready to update the look of your yard but are looking for low-maintenance landscaping solutions?

The truth is that you can still get a fabulous-looking yard without having to deal with the nightmare of lawn care. Read on to learn all about some of our favorite low-maintenance landscaping ideas and affordable upgrades for your yard.

Artificial TurfArtificial Turf_1

You love the look of grass – except when it’s brown, patchy, and even flooded.  So, what’s the solution? Install artificial grass infill that will give you the look of stunning, lush grass with none of the high maintenance care requirements. You’ll be able to enjoy lush grass 365 days a year. Check out https://buyturfonline.co.uk/ for some great options.

When in Doubt, Use MulchUse Mulch

Have you noticed that there seems to be a lot of space in your yard?  Before you go overboard on bizarre lawn ornaments or plant trees that will require you to rake every other day, consider one of our best low-maintenance landscaping ideas: mulch.

Mulch is one of the best investments for yards. Oasis Landscape, a lawn care company in Woodstock, GA, recommends mulch as an alternative to grass as it breaks down, fertilizes plants, and stops the growth of weeds.

It doesn’t require heavy maintenance since there’s no need to mow it or water it. Plus, it’s inexpensive since you only have to replace it in the spring. First of all, it prevents weeds from growing around your plants and flower beds, so you’ll enjoy happier and more beautiful gardens you can relax in.

Additionally, it helps to make your yard look much more put-together, and you won’t have to deal with dirt and gravel. To make your mulch pop look, we suggest installing concrete slabs to create a pathway through your garden.

Choose Your Trees WiselyLow-Maintenance Landscaping trees

If you want a low-maintenance backyard, then you might be a little bit wary of trees at first.  After all, while their flowers or leaves may look beautiful, you’ll start to wonder if it’s worth it when they’re all over your car or garden pathways.

The good news is that there are plenty of low-maintenance trees that can still make a great statement in your front or backyard.  We suggest going with a cherry tree to start with. They only get up to about 35 feet in height to overpower a smaller yard.

Just make sure to choose a non-fruiting cherry tree because they’ll leave you with much less of a mess. You could also go with tulip poplar. Because they’re resistant to disease, they won’t require a lot of care or even potential tree removal services.

Plus, they can easily stand up to the wind, making them a wise choice for a breezy city. In this case, local tree services like https://www.thelocaltreeexperts.com/tn/memphis/ may come in handy.

Which of These Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas You Will Try?

We hope that this post has helped you realize that low-maintenance landscaping isn’t just possible; it can also elevate your entire yard’s look. No one needs to know that you barely do anything to get one of the best-looking yards in the neighborhood.

Are you considering putting your home on the market? Thinking about which home improvement project you’re going to tackle next?   No matter what you’re designing or DIYing, we’ve got you covered.  Please keep checking back with our blog for more awesome advice on everything related to making your home look its best.

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