How do Beauty Brands Compare Around the World?

Written By Alla Levin
June 28, 2021
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How do Beauty Brands Compare Around the World?

For those who work in beauty, understanding brand power is essential to grabbing the attention of clientele. While revenue is one measure of success, brand awareness is undoubtedly another. One way to measure the level of awareness is to examine the data on search volumes. By looking at what people are asking about on the internet, we can tell something about the levels of engagement. We can then make judgments on who are the successful brands in your county.

Looking at the big pictureHow do Beauty Brands Compare Around the World

Before diving into individual continents and countries, it is essential to understand the global picture. What is revealed in this data is the sheer dominance of the French brand Sephora in the worldwide marketplace. With 10.2 million searches compared to Avon and Chanel’s nearest rivals at 3.6 million, there is no doubting who wins the battle of brand awareness around the globe. However, when you dive into the details, you will see that Sephora has vast numbers in certain countries and little presence in others.

The Americansbrand awareness is undoubtedly another.

Let’s begin where Sephora is strongest. 3.4 million, a third of all searches for the brand, were undertaken in the US. Canada, another strong market economy, came in with more than 600,000 searches. Beauty is a brand that relies on a robust consumerist economy, and so it is here that Sephora effectively wins the day.

The smaller economies of South America show a preference for Avon. Brazil represents a significant force for Avon, with a million searches. There are only three countries that favor a brand different from Avon.

Australasiahow do beauty brands compare

Similar to the US and Canada, the dominance for Sephora is evident in the land down under. Both New Zealand and Australia search most for this brand. There is a pattern here of economies that shows how the French company has become so popular.

EuropeConsidering Sephora is a French brand

Considering Sephora is a French brand, there is a more diverse picture in Europe. There are a massive number of countries, including France, that embrace Sephora. However, in eastern Europe and the UK, Avon shows up strong.


In Russia, Avon also dominates internet searches. However, in China, it is Dior. Therefore, two up-and-coming economies, especially China, are focused on a different market to Sephora. Sephora barely shows up in the Asian market, as 20 of 34 countries are most interested in finding out about Chanel.

How do beauty brands compare: Africa

Finally, the continent of Africa provides a patchwork of taste and interest. It is not surprising that there is no set the trend in this continent of 54 countries. There are different cultures, histories, and scales of economies to assume a single market share impossible. There is some dominance by Dior in the central countries of Africa, though further south, Avon wins big.

Overall, the favorite brands around the world throw up an interesting pattern. In the big consumer economies, where there is high access to the internet, Sephora wins big. Yet, it is easy to conclude that Avon has garnered interest in many different cultures when you look across the globe.  Who the winner of the brand awareness battle is not easy to assess is assumed in the global figures.

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