What Are You Forgetting About Your Health?

Written By Alla Levin
July 06, 2021
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What Are You Forgetting About Health?

There are a lot of people who can forget about their own health. Health is a huge part of our lives, and there are lots to worry about – that means some things fall by the wayside! From hitting the gym 3 times a week to drinking a liter of water a day to booking checkups, there are both big and small things we can do to give ourselves a boost

However, a lot of what we can forget about our health is quite important, and it’s a good idea to give them some consideration once a month or so. 

Your Blood Pressure

How often do you think about your blood pressure? Because both high and low blood pressure can cause serious problems, and a lot of the time, people aren’t even aware they’re living with an abnormal level! 

Hypertension specifically, or high blood pressure, can go undetected for years on end. Symptoms can be very subtle, and they can often be passed off as something else. From headaches to feeling tired or sweating more than usual, most symptoms are commonly thought to be due to simple day-to-day activity. However, if you experience a sort of ‘pounding’ in a part of your body, be sure to talk to a doctor.

How Your Ears Worknew hearing aids

Your ears are a big part of your sense perception, and anything that ‘goes wrong with them is going to affect how you interact with the world around you. You might not notice it, but even the most subtle change can make you feel like something is wrong or uncomfortable, and being able to access healthcare options related to your ears is well within your rights. 

And the care for ears has come a long way in the past 10 years. Plenty of new hearing aids are now on the market, and you’ll be able to find a much more suitable solution for your hearing needs than you ever thought possible. So remember, the next time you’re seeing someone about your eyes, or you’re worried about your sense of smell, give some thought to your ears as well. 

Your Genetic Predisposition

Our genes have a lot to do with determining the diseases we might develop over the course of our lives, and knowing what your genes predispose you to is a big part of staying aware of your own health. You need to know what you might be up against, and it’s a good idea to prepare yourself in the here and now. 

One of the best ways to work out how your future health chart may look is by asking around your own family, and seeing what diseases have cropped up in the past. There are also specialised tests you can take, but only if you’re truly worried about a disease you or a future child of your own may be predisposed to developing. 

With the points above, now could be a great time to really propel your health to an optimum level! 

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