4 Things Entertainers Should Look For In a Home

Written By Alla Levin
July 07, 2021

4 Things Entertainers Should Look For In a Home

If you’re someone who loves to entertain friends, family, neighbors, and beyond, you need a home that meets all of these demands perfectly. While exciting, it’s not always enough to have a cozy themed bar in your basement (although it certainly helps), and not all houses offer such a luxury. However, you can find a few basic but effective features in almost any home that is perfect for dinner parties, barbecues, and birthdays.

A Welcoming Area

Although your guests won’t spend too long in your welcome area, you still need it to make them feel at home as soon as they walk through the door. Here, you can greet them (and take that bottle of wine off their hands), show them where to hang their coat, and have a place for them to put their shoes. A warm and comforting welcome area immediately sets the tone for the rest of the house, so make sure to find one with good lighting inside and a shelter outside the door, so they don’t get drenched waiting for you to answer the ringing doorbell.

An Open Plan Space

As much as tight and cozy homes have a certain charm, they are not ideal for hosting dinner parties. If everything is too cramped together, you risk someone knocking over something and people getting in one another’s way. This is one of the reasons why open-plan spaces are so popular. By offering multiple ways to move through the house and around the room, you reduce traffic and keep everything flowing. Plus, it’s easier to move furniture to the side should someone feel compelled to start dancing when their song comes on after dinner.

A Separate Dining Room

However, you can’t rely entirely on a fully open-plan home. A separate dining room helps set the tone for your party, depending on the type of event you’re throwing. If you’re hosting an elegant dinner party, you’ll want fancy table mats, candles, and even Murano Chandeliers to really set the mood. For parties where everyone’s looking to let loose, this dining room can become a games room, allowing you to play party classics like beer pong (because you’re never too old) or even have a place to sit and chat for smaller, casual gatherings.

An Outside Space

No home for entertainers would be complete without an outdoor space packed with all the essentials. You don’t want your guests to be cooped up inside during the summer, so a place to get some fresh air and spend all night chatting in the garden is crucial. Outdoor space also expands the amount of usable floor space across the house. Some people can stay inside, others can enjoy outside, and if the kids are invited, they’re free to play in the garden.

Entertainers should look for In a home: Let Us Entertain You

Some people are entertainers, and some are not. If you thrive on having people fill your home and share lots of love and laughter, you can ensure everyone has the time of their life by searching for a home that ticks all the boxes and allows people to relax, unwind, and have fun.

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