Knowing Your Options: Dealing With Surprise Pregnancy

Written By Nicole Kinder
July 08, 2021
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Knowing Your Options: Dealing With Surprise Pregnancy

You had all the precautions, and you took contraception like clockwork, but that a pregnancy test is right, it’s at this point where you can either feel like the world is caving in, or you are elated, or perhaps a million of other emotions as well. Half of all pregnancies are unexpected, so it’s natural to feel like you aren’t ready. How can you cope with an unplanned pregnancy?

Dealing with surprise pregnancy: give it time

You have to allow yourself the opportunity for it to sink in. You have to book a doctor’s appointment and have an ultrasound scan, but if you have a wide variety of emotions at this point, it’s so important to give yourself time to process everything.

Many people will be concerned, especially with the statistic that half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first 12 weeks. Still, before you get yourself in for that wireless ultrasound scan, it might take a while for you to process and let it sink in. And that is absolutely fine. It would help if you allowed yourself to feel all the emotions. You could be angry, frustrated, confused, and everything in between. After they have passed, you have the opportunities to think about those emotions you experienced and figure out how you feel about the pregnancy. 

Think About the Different Options

There are many options for you. You can choose to go ahead with it, of course, but you could choose not to. But it’s important to remember that if you choose the latter, how will you feel, not just after it has happened, but years down the line when you have a child of your own, and it brings all the emotions back? It is a tough decision, and it could help you reach out to a trained options counselor or contact someone for advice on a website like about the procedure.

They could help you through this process and make you understand the best route for your needs. So many people choose not to have a baby because they are too career-driven, but is this actually the right decision for you? 

Do Not Worry About the Finances

Finances can be a concern, but they shouldn’t be your biggest worry. Some people choose not to go through it because they don’t have the finances to cope with a baby. And it’s a cliche, but everybody is unprepared to have a baby. And if you have concerns about finances, many resources can help you make sense of your pregnancy and deal with your financial worries. 

Everybody has so many thoughts and feelings, not just in terms of the pregnancy but also in practicalities. Most people feel they are not ready to have a baby, and even those who think they are ready soon find out that this is far from the case. The reality is that everybody is plunged into a variety of conflicting emotions, and if you have many worries, there’s a lot of support out there. It is one of the biggest surprises we can ever have, but it could be one of the greatest surprises as well.

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