How to Choose an Online Betting Site
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How to Choose an Online Betting Site in 2021?

Choosing the best betting site should be as meticulous as possible in 2021. It is important for Indian gamblers and gamblers worldwide not to be deceived by scammers but rather to get lucrative offers from reliable betting platforms.

If you consider the following factors when choosing a sportsbook, online sports betting will bring you maximum pleasure and winnings. Let’s take a closer look at these criteria.

Sportsbook offers by bets and sports

The most popular sport among bettors is football. For Indian players, it is cricket, and there is an online betting site with a focus on this national sport. Also, almost all offices accept bets on volleyball, basketball, tennis, boxing, hockey, and other popular sports disciplines. Some sites focus on rather specific sports like curling, water polo, or rugby.

In addition to traditional sports, many offices accept bets on virtual sports and eSports. In addition, users can predict the results of events from the field of politics or show business – for example, the outcome of presidential elections in different countries, the results of the Grammy awards, or when the coronavirus pandemic will end.

Customer support

The bookmaker’s support must communicate in Hindi or another language that you speak fluently. Today, most browsers have built-in automatic translators, but they should not be 100% trusted, as they do not always cope with specific betting terminology.

Support should be available around the clock and through several channels: live chat, phone, email, instant messengers. An additional way of contacting the bookmaker is the official accounts of the project in social networks.

The quality of the support service is an important indicator of the quality of the office as a whole. Experienced bettors, even before creating an account in the new betting platform, ask support staff questions to assess how quickly and competently they respond.

Security of your accountSecurity of your account

The generally accepted security standard is data encryption using SSL certificates. Also, all noteworthy bookmakers offer two-factor authentication (2FA). This means that entering your username and password is not enough to enter your account. You will receive an additional code by email or phone, which will need to be entered on the bookmaker’s website.

In recent years, bookmakers have appeared on the market, whose sites operate on the blockchain. This reduces to zero the likelihood of fraud since the system records information about all committed actions: from accepting bets to announcing the results of a match, from calculating a bonus to completing a withdrawal request. It is impossible to delete this information from the blockchain or rewrite it imperceptibly.

Payments: How to withdraw funds to your account details?

Withdrawal rules depend not only on the bookmaker but also on the payment system. Almost all systems take commissions for financial transactions, so you should clarify what percentage you will charge. It is more profitable to focus on such bookmakers who do not add additional commissions to these deductions from their side.


About bonuses, it should be noted that when choosing a bookmaker, you should not focus on the number and variety of bonuses. The main thing in all incentive promotions is how appropriate they are. Calculate in advance whether the benefit received from the bonus will exceed the costs that will have to be incurred to receive it?

Are you satisfied with the wager? Will you meet the time allotted for using the bonus? The office will try to influence your emotions – but you must think pragmatically.

Mobile application

Today, most bookmaker projects are available in two versions: for desktop and mobile gadgets. Some of them create mobile versions of their sites, and others release applications. As a rule, the coefficients are identical in both versions. But some bookmakers offer additional bonuses for installing their applications.

The main disadvantage of applications is that they take up some space in the device’s memory. But this is offset by an important advantage: unlike websites, applications are never blocked and always remain available. They should be entered with the same credentials as in the desktop version of the site. Your account history and the balance on the deposit will remain the same as on the desktop.

Minimum odds

Typically, the values ​​of the coefficients range from 1% to 8%. They can change depending on the bookmaker’s policy, sports discipline, and the level of excitement around a particular event. The main thing is to remember: the odds of different bookmakers for the same event cannot be very different.

This is explained by mathematical calculations – after all, bookmakers should receive benefits from their activities and not go into the red, giving out money to clients uncontrollably. If one office suddenly, for no rational reason, begins to offer significantly more profitable betting odds than all the others, this is a reason to suspect it of dishonesty.

How to choose an online betting site: live betting

Live betting gives users extremely vivid emotions – but newbies have practically no chance of winning. This format assumes that the competition has already started and bets are accepted in real-time. Accordingly, the odds can change every minute.

The difficulty lies in the fact that, in addition to betters, an experienced bookmaker employee, who has vast sums at his disposal, will place bets on the same event. Its goal is to make sure that the office does not have to pay out too big winnings. Only clients with awe-inspiring experiences will be able to bypass this professional.


The presence of a license is a fundamental criterion when choosing a bookmaker. The fact that the betting platform has this document is a guarantee that:

  • Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. No third parties will gain access to them under any circumstances.
  • Rewards will be paid quickly and fairly.
  • The bookmaker will not cheat, change odds or apply hidden fees.

The license number and the name of the issuing organization are usually placed either in the footer on the home page or in the “About Us” section. If you do not see this information on the site, contact technical support. Then go to the organization’s website that issued the bookmaker the license, and make sure that the office is really mentioned there. In the Indian market, 4rabet legit site fully confirms its security with an existing license and certificates in available ways.

How to choose an online betting site: final choice

Now, judging by the gradation of 9 criteria, you can definitely choose a betting site that suits you. The tenth point is about you as a player and your preferences. Remember that it’s up to you to decide which sportsbook is the best for betting in 2021!

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Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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