Must-Have Beauty Essentials To Carry On A Road Trip

Written By Alla Levin
July 24, 2021
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Must-Have Beauty Essentials To Carry On A Road Trip

Taking a road trip can be an awesome experience. It’s the perfect way to reconnect with family or friends and even get to meet new friends. It’s also an incredible moment to create some good memories. However, as much as travel is good for the mind, body, and soul, it may be hard on your skin.

Long days, exposure to the elements, and being busy having fun while on the go can take their toll on your skin. Between getting to and from your destination, eating different food types and the weather the skin can experience, dryness, sunburn, oily areas, breakouts, and more. Here are some road trip essentials you need to include in your checklist to ensure you have the best time on the road.

Beauty essentials to pack: for your skin

Sunscreen is the most crucial beauty essential, don’t forget your sunscreen. Even the best UV filtered car windows can let in plenty of harmful and skin-damaging UV rays. Carry enough so that you can be reapplying as you drive every few hours.

Don’t forget to carry your moisturizer and lip balm; they will help protect your skin and keep it smooth and vibrant. In addition, the lip balm will protect your lips from drying out. You can also add your serums and oils into the moisturizer to save on space.

Foundation, lipstick, and other solids will not have a very long shelf life in a bag in the trunk of a hot car. Ensure you buy squeeze tubes that you can control how much product you use at a time. Be careful when it gets too hot because the products tend to ooze out at a faster rate.

However, a good tip is to store your products in a heat-resistant, waterproof bag and keep them stashed under the conditioner away from the heat. Bacteria also thrive in a warm, moist environment, and your road trip makeup bag may be a disaster waiting to happen.

For your hairBeauty essentials to pack

A hairdryer may not be necessary because electric hookups in campsites may cost you a bit extra, and if you are staying in hotels, chances are they’ve got a hairdryer you can use if you really need one. However, you can wash your hair and let it dry naturally as you’re driving through the country, enjoying the views, and having fun with friends or family.

For shampoo and conditioner, consider finding incredibly moisturizing ones. After washing your hair, you can put in some leave-in roll down the windows and let your hair dry. Remember to carry your silk pillowcase and silk bonnet to help keep frizz at a minimum.

Check your car before the road trip

About a week before you leave for your trip, have your mechanic check your car. You can have the vehicle serviced to ensure the fluid levels, tires, brakes, and anything else that could cause problems is in top working condition.

Remember also to have your vehicle cleaned at Be sure that you have jumper cables, your spare tire is inflated, and extra wiper fluid; these will go a long way in ensuring if anything happens, you are well prepared.

Don’t forget your license and registration

The most important thing to remember before you start the trip is to ensure your paperwork is in order. Whether you are abroad or at home, ensure that you are licensed to drive and if you will be taking turns driving, ensure that everyone has their license. If you are abroad, you may need to obtain an international driving license. You can check with local authorities if your home license is valid in the area.

Nearly as necessary as the license, car registration is also essential. If it’s a rental, have the essential documents. If the car is yours, carry your registration too. In some places, when you get stopped by the police, they will require you to show your license and registration.

Essentials to carry on a road trip: car manualbefore the road trip

Don’t forget to add your car manual to your list of essentials to carry. Whether you will be driving your car or rental, the manual will come in handy in case of anything.

Essentials to carry on a road trip: car insurance

Ensure that you and your vehicle are protected against accidents. If your car is hit or something happens, the insurance will offer financial protection. It usually comes with additional costs with some rental agencies, but it is mandatory to drive with it in most countries. If you are outside the country, then consider getting travel insurance other than car insurance.

Other Essentials: Map

As much as you may rely on technology, you may lose cell reception in some areas, or the technology might fail you. Therefore, carrying a backup is essential, especially if you plan to use isolated roads with no one to ask for directions. We wouldn’t want you to take a “wrong turn”!

If a paper map is a too old school, consider downloading an offline map on your phone. Download the map of the region or country you will be driving in and enjoy navigation and detailed maps without the need for an internet connection while on the road.

First aid kit

Also, remember to pack a first aid kit to help treat minor pains and accidents on the trip. Other than the usual first aid kit, consider adding the following.

  • Tylenol is excellent for relieving pain and fever;
  • Imodium treats travelers’ diarrhea;
  • Advil/ibuprofen, a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory;
  • Benadryl, an antihistamine for allergies;
  • Tums, an antacid to relieve heartburn and an upset stomach;
  • Pepto-Bismol is effective for diarrhea, upset stomach, heartburn, and nausea;
  • Polysporin, an antibiotic cream, can be used to protect against speed up and infection.

Sssentials to carry on a road trip: food and drink

Don’t forget your drinks, water, and food to avoid hunger while on the road. Water and food will keep thirst and hunger at bay when you are not sure when you are getting to the nearest eatery or store.

Also, carry high fiber and high protein snacks, which are the best for long periods of inactivity. Some fruits to bring are bananas, apples, and some oranges. You can look for double-vacuumed water bottles to ensure your water stays cold in the car.

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