Boost Your Confidence With These Top Tips

Written By Alla Levin
July 28, 2021

Boost Your Confidence With These Top Tips

Confidence is an outlook that can entirely change your outlook on life. For example, not only will it increase your feelings of self-worth, but it can also help you achieve your professional goals and impress in the workplace.

However, building up your confidence is easier said than done – especially in a society that seems determined to break it down. Despite this, it doesn’t mean that feeling confident is impossible – you just have to work for it a little. With that in mind, here are some tips that you can use to boost your confidence! 

  • Work to find the cause of your low confidence, as this will give you the insight you need to enact change. For example, a lack of confidence could be caused by imposter syndrome, being placed under too much pressure, or by spending time with a person who purposefully brings you down. 
  • Learn to love your body and accept its so-called flaws. Despite what your Instagram feed may be telling you, beauty comes in all sizes. While body positivity is a hard trait to master, you can start on this journey by making a real effort to be kinder to your body. For example, instead of judging your reflection each morning – stand in front of the mirror and recite things you like about yourself. Give your body praise for all the amazing things it has done. For example, your body has given you the strength you need to make it through the pandemic. 
  • If your confidence is related to your body, ensure that you do what you need to do to make yourself feel better. For example, some people feel more confident when they participate in regular exercise classes. Alternatively, many feel empowered through surgical procedures such as Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation
  • Remember that social media is not an accurate reflection of real life. Each picture you see on your Instagram feed has been carefully selected to give off a certain message – and nobody’s life is as good as it appears to be on their social media feeds. One way in which you can combat this issue is by starting to curate more authentic content on your social media. For example, post pictures where you look happy and like you are having fun instead of looking your best and most posed. 
  • Take a break from social media whenever you find that it is detrimental to your confidence. For example, you may find that you spend your time looking through Facebook & Instagram comparing yourself to your friends or celebrities. While you may not do this consciously, it’s a sure-fire way to chip away at your confidence. As a result, you should participate in a digital detox from time to time. You should also ensure that you unfollow or mute any accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. 
  • Practice positive affirmations each morning to boost your confidence and start the day with a positive mindset. While this can be a difficult hobby to adapt to, it’s a great way to challenge and eradicate negative thoughts. 

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