What Can You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident at a Supermarket?    

Written By Alla Levin
July 28, 2021

What Can You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident at a Supermarket?

A weekly trip to the local supermarket to stock up on household necessities is a given. While carrying out such errands, you cannot rule out a freak slip and fall accident. Firms like https://alvineweidenaar.com/ boast of legal pros who ably assist you in recovering your losses due to such incidents.

Supermarket floors, when wet, grimy, and dirty, become disaster zones. A bunched-up mat, damaged grocery cart, aisle obstructions, and faulty doors can often cause accidental falls. Even if you slip into the parking lot of the supermarket, you have every right to claim damages.

Recommended Action

Should you suffer injuries on slipping and falling while at a supermarket, experienced attorneys suggest you resort to the following measures:

Inform the Manager

Whoever is managing the supermarket at the time should be made aware that such an incident took place. Interacting with the concerned authority yourself allows you to draw their attention to the cause of your fall.

The official can also see firsthand the injuries you sustained because of the leaky refrigeration unit or spilled food. Make a mental note of the manager’s name and reaction, especially when they try to pass on the blame.

Request for an Incident ReportFall Accident at a Supermarket

Accident reports are meant to record the time, date, and incident location. If the manager agrees to file such a report, they will also note your verbal statement and contact details. Ensure you do not accept blame or guilt without first allowing your qualified legal aid from a reputed agency to investigate the facts. Anything you say at this stage can be used against you subsequently, so use your discretion. You may also request a copy of the said incident or accident report.

Seek Medical Assistance

When the manager offers medical help, do not refuse, or else the same is likely to be recorded in the incident report. If your injuries are severe, call 911 or get a store employee to do so. Should the paramedics need to shift you to an emergency room, that is substantial evidence of the severity of your condition.

Fall Accident at a Supermarket: Collate Witness Accounts

Before leaving the supermarket, collate the names and contact details of potential witnesses. Third-party witness accounts hold more ground than statements made by family and friends as individuals not known to you have no reason to be biased. Your attorney can subsequently connect with them.

Use Your Mobile to Your Advantage

Recording the accident scene, taking clicks of the cause of your fall, and the injuries sustained serve as evidence. Preferably store every little detail on your phone for your legal representative who needs valuable evidence to proceed. Your lawyer can even request to access surveillance footage from that time.

Approach a Qualified Personal Injury Lawyer

An attorney experienced in handling personal injury cases is familiar with premises liability laws that you can use to claim full compensation. The measurable injuries you sustain while within the supermarket premises, especially because of the neglect of store authorities, entitles you to monetary compensation. Fight your case by partnering with a skilled legal mind who knows the law backward.

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