3 Main Reasons Why You Should Use a Water Softener in Salt Lake City

Written By Alla Levin
August 02, 2021
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3 Main Reasons Why You Should Use a Water Softener in Salt Lake City

Many people are often confused the first time they come across the terms ‘hard water’ and “soft water.” After all, it’s just water, so how can it be ‘soft’ or ‘hard’? The tap water we use every day has minerals such as chalk, lime, magnesium, and calcium. High concentrations of these minerals make water ‘hard.’ Unfortunately, these minerals make water unsafe for drinking or domestic use, and excessive use can lead to domestic and health hazards.

As such, excess levels of minerals must be removed from the water to make it suitable for washing, cleaning, bathing, and drinking. The solution to this issue is installing a water softener. Read more about the benefits of water softeners.

A water softener is a filtering appliance that’s attached to your home’s water supply. It removes mineral components that make water ‘hard.’ Let’s walk you through 3 key benefits of using a water softener in your home.

Softer Skin and Cleaner Hair

Switching to soft water can be really great for your skin and hair while bathing or cleaning up. The thing with hard water is that it has mineral ions that render it insoluble with soap. Instead, it forms a precipitate in the form of scum.

On the other hand, soft water forms a deeper lather since it doesn’t have these minerals. Showering with soft water means your skin will hold moisture better, whereas hard water removes the skin’s natural oils, which can cause your skin to dry out, leaving you with dry, itchy skin. Using a water softener will also help balance your hair’s pH level, while hard water can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle.

It Will Saves Your Money in the Long Run

Hard water has mineral ions that can accumulate in your pipes, narrowing the space for water to pass through. This will leave you with little choice but to buy a higher pump pressure. Hard water can also wreak havoc on your heating system by causing mineral deposits to damage your heating appliances.

These deposits can act as an insulator, reducing the efficiency of your boiler, kettle, or instant hot shower heater. This means you’ll have to pay more in energy bills to compensate for the heat efficiency loss. However, a water softener will run water softener through your plumbing system and gradually dissolve the scale and fix the damage done by hard water.

Use a Water Softener in Salt Lake City: Dishes and Laundry Will Look Brighter

Hard water tends to cause glassware and dishes to lose their shine. Similarly, clothes tend to become dull and weathered when washed with hard water. You’ll find that whites turn to grey, and fabric colors will look faded.

But softening your water will help maintain the appearance of your kitchenware and clothing. Soft water mixes well with soap and detergents to provide a brighter and more appealing clean.

Looking for a Water Softener? Salt Lake City Has These Types Available

Hard water will leave your tubs, sinks, and showers looking rusty. Lime can accumulate on some of your plumbing fixtures, such as taps and showerheads. It can also leave you with dry hair and skin.

But with a water softener, Salt Lake City residents can find three types of softeners, namely; salt-free, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis water softeners. All these three have their different pros and cons, so do your research to find out which one is most convenient for your home needs.

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