Software to Animate the Mobile Game
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Top Software to Animate the Mobile Game

A selection will help pump your design process. This article has a fresh set of design tools to help you make everything from wireframes to interactive design systems brilliant. If you have an idea for the design or concept of a game but do not know how to do everything correctly, they will always help with this: 

Adobe After Effects

When it comes to motion graphics and visual effects software, After Effects, which is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, is the best of the best, and there’s practically nothing you can’t do with it. You can easily set anything in motion with keyframes or expressions, either from scratch for unique effects or by starting with one of the available presets.

After Effects is constantly improving, with new features being released regularly. The best part is that owing to the quick and simple lessons that cover everything, and you will never fall behind.

Let’s have a look at some of its major features:

  • Enhancements to preview and playback performance (threading improvements and a new GPUaccelerated display system core;)
  • EXR processes have been improved (12x quicker performance), and shapes have been made faster;
  • Enhancements to the graphics and text (new dropdown menu expression controls, templates that are easier to update in Premiere Pro, etc. ;)
  • Improvements in [removed]40 percent faster processing;)
  • Improved playback support and a larger format (Canon XFHEVC, Animation with delta frames, and MJPEG;)
  • Improved system compatibility alerts.


Maya is developed by Autodesk Inc. and can create interactive 3D models such as visual effects, animation films, video games, and more. Maya 3D models have been seen in various movies, TV shows, and games. Those looking for a robust 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and rendering solution will be free to work on Maya.


This 3D animation maker is easy to use. You can import your artwork to Maya.


Renderforest is a lightweight and flexible video maker that provides various tools and functions to create your creative project. It is available for free, but there are certain restrictions in the form of video watermarks, a small number of audio recordings, and blocked highquality video saving.


  • There are 5 types of subscriptions, including free;
  • Large library of styles, music, and animations;
  • Convenient sorting of templates by topic;
  • The ability to switch the interface to Russian;
  • Straightforward editor.


This is an animation application that works with raster and vector graphics. The main task of the application is to create 2D animation. The classic interface is inherent in such programs. The plus is that the interface can be customized to your liking.

You can set the duration of frames, adjust tracks, use different layers and add an audio track on the same timeline panel. The animation is framebyframe, meaning you edit each slide to create movement. The final work will be imported in AVI, MOV, WMVformats of your choice.

Tip: you need to save the finished minimovie as a crop or single images in JPG or SVG formats.


  • the application is free;
  • convenient arrangement of tools;
  • additional toolbar;
  • readability and the ability to save work in all formats.


Animaker aims to make it easy for anybody, from beginners to professionals, to produce liveaction animation videos by providing many templates to select from. It gives you access to a large number of animated characters with customizable attributes, as well as stock pictures, icons, and movies. It also allows you to build fully customized characters with over 15 face characteristics and 20 facial emotions.


OpenToonz is a free animation software application that was first launched in 2016. Because it is an opensource software tool, developers may change and alter the code to improve it and tailor it to their own needs. OpenToonz is ideal for developers and animation artists that want a high level of customization. It may also be used to create educational courses and small and medium enterprises.

Software to animate the mobile game: conclusion

3D animation apps are ideal for those looking to learn new skills and boost their creativity. No matter what you are looking for, we are confident that you will find an application that suits your needs. You can also hire Whimsy team, which uses leading tools to edit your video and customize additional effects to add magic to your animation.

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