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Benefits of Using Laravel PHP Services

With user experience becoming the sole differentiator for enterprises operating in the digital landscape to stay competitive. Their online addresses (read websites or web applications) should offer seamless user interaction. This brings into the picture the importance of web applications and how these can enhance user interaction.

The examples include various social media sites, word processors, emails, spreadsheets, online forms, and shopping sites with names like Facebook, Google Apps, and Microsoft 365 readily coming to mind.

So, should you be looking at developing one of the above-mentioned web apps from an experienced website development company, choose the right framework. Yes, your web application should offer functionalities that are in alignment with your business objectives.

Moreover, the framework to be chosen should be based on criteria like popularity, cost of development, third-party integration, testing, and the team’s experience in using it. And among the many frameworks available to develop robust web applications, Laravel can fit into your scheme of things.

It brings with it innovative features that facilitate the building of web applications, quickly and efficiently.

Why should Laravel be considered?website development company

As an open-source PHP framework, Laravel facilitates the development of responsive web applications. It supports a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural model like Symfony thereby offering optimal performance and a slew of benefits. In fact, at the time of writing this blog, Laravel held a healthy market share of 25.85% (Source: PixelCrayons).

Support for MVC

Laravel supports the MVC architecture for Symfony thus ensuring improved performance and better documentation & integration of functionalities. The MVC model can deal with unstructured code bases and provides a plethora of benefits:

  • Helps to split roles in a project ensuring efficiency and speed. For example, a backend developer looking into the controller logic while a frontend developer working on the views.
  • Helps to split files into logical directories thereby making the search easy while working on large projects.
  • Helps you to have total control in deciding how the application would appear in the final analysis. It allows you to choose the application routes and facilitates SEO alignment for the application.


Laravel uses salted and hashed passwords thereby negating the possibility of the passwords being saved as plain text in the database. It uses a hashing algorithm that generates passwords in encrypted forms. Moreover, it prevents injection attacks by using prepared SQL statements. The various security features offered by Laravel are:

  • User authentication
  • Encrypting passwords
  • Authentication drivers
  • Passwords reset
  • Protecting routes
  • Configuration

OOPs Libraries

It is the only PHP framework that offers Object-Oriented and other pre-installed libraries. One such library called Authentication comes with a slew of features such as encryption, Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, and password reset.


The Laravel framework offers an Artisan tool that allows developers to execute repetitive programming tasks such as publishing package assets, migrations, managing database migrations, seeding, etc. This allows developers to focus on other crucial areas of application development.

Laravel PHP Services: Database Migration


Synchronizing the database between development workstations is a pain area for developers. However, with Laravel’s database migration feature, the task becomes easy.

Since MySQL Workbench does not lend itself to synchronizing databases that have undergone changes, Laravel’s database migration is the way forward provided one keeps the database work in seeds and migrations.

Laracasts as great tutorials

Continuously keeping oneself updated with the latest trends is important to deliver better outcomes. This is where Laravel’s Laracasts with its free and premium video tutorials can help developers learn the latest trends.

Made by Jeffery Way, an expert in Laravel, the tutorials offer lessons that are engaging, comprehensible, and meaningful. The Laravel framework offers a default unit test routine for the application.

The unit test comprises tests to identify and prevent regressions. The QA team can easily integrate a testing framework into the application. Moreover, the unit tests can be executed by using the artisan command-line tool. The various official packages available in the framework help to integrate features during the process of application development. These official packages are:


Helps to generate invoices and handle coupons that are part of the subscription billion services offered by Stripe.

HorizonWhy Should Enterprises Opt For Laravel PHP Services

Offers a dashboard to monitor the queue in the system, job output, and the time to identify job failures.


Offers an authentication mechanism for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, GitHub, etc. Using this, the application can quickly implement logins.


Helps to authenticate application usage through an API where the latter uses a token.


Helps to search a full text by using the Eloquent models. It comes with Angola, the default driver that facilitates a full-text search.


Laravel offers caching to retrieve data quickly from a temporary storage area. This website development company helps to reduce the time in accessing remote services thus helping the application to remain responsive and quick.

Multiple file systemframework choices

Laravel offers support for cloud as well as local storage. The cloud storage system comprises of Amazon S3 and Rack Space. Moreover, since the API remains the same for all the storage systems, switching among them becomes easy.

Conclusion on Laravel PHP Services and what you have learned on hiring a website development company

The above-mentioned features make Laravel one of the top framework choices for enterprises to develop robust and feature-rich web applications.

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