Features You Need in an Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

Written By Tomas Jason
August 17, 2021
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Features You Need in an Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

An electric scooter is a smart choice when looking for a green, quick, and practical alternative to cover urban distances. Manufacturers are now catering to all riders by constructing sturdier electric scooter for heavy adults.

To ensure an optimal ride, take note of weight specifications when making a purchase. Then you can prolong your scooter’s life and positively impact its overall performance. An in-built carrying functionality makes your ride more portable.

Integral Features

Closely examining specific details of your commuter scooter specially designed for heavy adults is needed to make a suitable selection. Firstly, assess its weight limit and lean towards a model that exceeds the 100 kg mark.

An electric scooter that can withstand a heavy adult weighing 120 to 150 kg is an ideal choice. Models with a higher weight capacity will comfortably carry you and your heavy bags. You can enjoy a smooth ride without the added weight compromising on the E-scooter’s power or performance. Listed below are integral features to seek out while finding an appropriate electric scooter for heavy adults:

Durable BuildE-scooter’s power or performance

If you are on the heavier side, avoid purchasing a lightweight E-scooter even when it boasts superior quality. An electric scooter made using durable aviation-grade aluminum or steel should be your preferred choice.

Heavy-duty rides with sturdier builds provide better stability when you are on the move. Some hardy models offer portable and quick-folding convenience along with good balance.

Powerful Dual Motors

Your E-scooter motor gives it the requisite power to perform well. A ride with powerful dual motors assures you of a fast commute and smooth ride even while climbing steep hills.

When you intend to commute long distances and head out for weekend adventures, narrow down on motors with an 800W capacity or above. For rides within your neighborhood, lower motor power is adequate. Despite the heavier load, higher specifications lessen the pressure your ride endures.

Electric Scooter: Pneumatic Tires

Heavier loads often take their toll on the ride’s tires resulting in faster wear and tear. E-scooters with larger and wider tires offer greater stability and security for the rider.

In particular, durable pneumatic tires are recommended for their deep tread tracks and thick rubber material. Compared to other tires, these provide better shock absorption and navigate uneven terrain exceptionally well.

Adjustable Handlebars

Apart from being heavier, handlebar height becomes a significant consideration if you are also taller than the average adult. Electric scooters with fixed handlebars can make you uncomfortable, especially when you have to bend to reach them.

Handlebars with an adjustable provision allow you to set them to a suitable height. To prevent your back from aching, position the handlebars between your waist and hip section. Most importantly, you should be comfortable navigating your ride while standing on it.

E-scooters with high capacity battery power will not leave you stranded when on the move. A quicker charging time compensates for batteries that drain out faster. Well-built shock absorbers and a hydraulic braking system make your riding experience even more memorable.

Approach a reputed retailer who gives you convenient access to affordable and highest-quality E-scooters.

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