Factors To Consider When Looking For Electric Scooters and Unicycles

Written By Alla Levin
April 26, 2020

Factors To Consider When Looking For Electric Scooters and Unicycles

Electric Scooters and Unicycles? In today’s world, technological advancement has made life easier and bearable. Electric Scooter Bikes and Unicycles are among the greatest invention available. They are the perfect solution whenever you need a speedy ride to work or school.

The most unique thing about this machine is that it can easily maneuver along the stairs and very tight spots. Plus, they don’t require a parking spot which is an added advantage, especially in the busy streets. You can also find more information about them by checking out various electric scooter reviews online.

Size of the wheels

The type of tire to consider depends on where you will be using the device. Normally, the size of scooter wheels ranges from 14,16 and 18 inches. If you getting one to use on your pavements or driveway, consider the 14-inch tire.

This wheel type is smaller and faster but quite agile, making it ideal for such terrain. On the central, the 18-inch one is more robust and stable, ideal for rough and sleepy terrain. It is also the best option for newbies. However, the 18 inches’ wheel is bulky and makes the unit heavier.

The Battery Capacity

The general speed of the unicycles is affected by the size of the battery. Those with smaller batteries are super-fast whereas those with bigger batteries are slower. Nonetheless, having a smaller battery means you will only cover a shorter distance.

On the other hand, those with bigger battery capacity cover a longer distance and last longer. One top-rated electric scooter when it comes to having a bigger and efficient battery capacity is the Razor Pocket Mod Belleza electric scooter. Check out the Razor Bellezza scooter guide by ScooterAdviser for more details. Similarly, consider one with replaceable batteries in case the old one weakens.

The RangeElectric Scooters and Unicycles

Your primary goal for buying an electric scooter determines the range you will need. For example, if you want to ride around the grocery store, school or mall, you will need a machine that can last long enough for all your errands. An average electric scooter has approximately a 9 to 12 miles range. With this said go for models that have this standard range.

Return Policy

This means of transport is very expensive, meaning it has to have a warranty. A warranty guarantees you your money in case the device is damaged. It is crucial to check out if the company has a return policy before purchasing the unit and if there are none, find yourself another shop.

Extra Features

The best models are those that come with special features to add flavor and personality to your ride. Go for models with features that will enhance both your ride and your comfort. These special features could be an LED light to light up the road at night for better visibility, smart apps like the GPS tracker, and a speedometer.

Safety GearsFactors To Consider When Looking For Electric Scooters and Unicycles

As you shop for the ideal motorized personal transporter, you should also consider protective gear. This is because you risk falling over several, more so if you are a new rider. You will notice that most top electric scooter reviews emphasize the use of these protective gears to protect you from sustaining fatal injuries after a fall. These protective gears include an elbow pad, a properly fitted helmet, wrist straps, and a knee pad. All these protect you from scrapes and painful tearing o the skin.


Electric Scooters and Unicycles are quite pricey but worthwhile where easier movement is concerned. Furthermore, the prices differ in each model depending on the number of extra features it has. It is always good to go for something within your budget to avoid unnecessary expenses. Nonetheless, the features and the quality of the machine must equal the price. The other thing to consider is the duration in which you will be using the machine. If you planning to use it for a shorter period, then the cheaper models will do and vice versa.

Motor Power

Information from various electric scooters reviews explains that the power of a motor is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for electric scooters and unicycles. Having a powerful motor shows that the machine has great mileage and speed. Moreover, this also means that you can ride it on any rough and steep terrain with ease. 


The best models have specific control buttons that allow you to regulate the amount of speed to your liking. While strolling around your town and you come across a bump or a sharp corner, you can change from maximum to slow speed with a single press of a button. Consider purchasing models with this option for easier navigation.

Weight capacity Electric Scooters

Every rider is unique in terms of height and weight. Similarly, not all personal transporters have the same weight capacity. Therefore, it is relatively important to check on the weight capacity of the machine before purchasing it.

On the other hand, different riders use these personal transporters for various purposes including carrying heavy backpacks and other personal stuff which might be so heavy. According to various electric scooter reviews, some models cannot support the weight above 90 pounds and will tend to slow down.

Alternatively, other models like Segway 1, V8, and V3 can easily carry heavy loads and still maintain a great speed. You can even climb and descend on steep slopes effortlessly. Click here to read more about electric scooters.

Electric Scooters and Unicycles: Conclusion

Electric scooters and unicycles are fun to ride and quite flashy. Whether you want one for your short trips around your neighborhood or longer distances, these uniquely designed machines come in handy. Nevertheless, you have to consider the above factors for a more enjoyable purchase.

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