dangers of defective drugs
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Dangers Of Defective Drugs: Steps To Take If You’re Harmed

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) claims Zantac and drugs containing ranitidine may cause high levels of carcinogen to form in the human body, according to a report on Drugwatch.

Tests conducted by the FDA show that Zantac products have potential health risks because they contain N-nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA, a cancer-causing compound. Lawsuits filed against Sanofi claim that the manufacturer of Zantac and other parties involved knew the potential harm of NDMA, but didn’t warn consumers of the risks. As a result, some individuals developed cancer after taking Zantac.

While the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tests and approves drugs before releasing them to the public, sometimes drugs exhibit side effects months later. In some situations, the side effects can be severe, resulting in life-threatening diseases like cancer. So, what should you do if a defective drug harms you? Below are a few steps you should take, including hiring a lawyer for medical malpractice.

Consult your doctor and cease use

If you suspect a drug is defective, cease use and consult your doctor. Remember, harmful drugs make injuries worse and may result in other severe health conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to inform your physician or health provider about your experiences.

The information you share will help your doctor guide you through the necessary steps to stop taking medication that exhibits severe side effects. They will also assess your current health condition to determine any short or long-term impacts caused by the drug. Most importantly, your healthcare provider will prescribe alternative treatment, as required, to replace any medications that have been found defective.

Don’t throw the medication

It’s tempting to throw out any medication you think is harmful, but you shouldn’t. Instead, keep the medicine you suspect is faulty. Chances are, the medication will serve as evidence if you consider filing a defective drug case.

Typically, medical professionals analyze drugs alleged to be defective to determine whether they contain toxic ingredients or not. If your medication has traces of harmful products, you’re eligible for compensation from the drug manufacturer. This means you can file a claim in a court of law. So, make sure to place the defective drug in a sealed bag or plastic container and store it somewhere out of reach. Also, save instructional pamphlets and packaging that accompanied the medication.

Dangers of Defective Drugs: Document your experience

In addition to saving medicine that seems flawed, keep a record of your experiences after taking the medication. First, save the records of your hospital visits, including your doctor’s thoughts regarding the health repercussions of defective drugs.

Make sure to collect evidence that could help you, doctors, and legal experts understand the drugs’ side effects better. This step involves taking pictures of injuries that are visible, such as swelling and skin discoloration.

Legal experts recommend documenting the number of times you have taken days off from work for doctors’ appointments. You’ll also want to record medical expenses and the number of occasions you’ve been unable to work because of health complications caused by the defective drug.

Contact a lawyerdangers of defective drugs

Filing a defective drug claim can be daunting if you lack knowledge and expertise in legal matters. There are always many victims filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug you have issues with, so your chances of getting fair compensation might be slim.

Additionally, pharmaceutical companies hire experienced and expensive attorneys to ensure they win the case or keep settlement costs low to protect their self-interests and profits. With this in mind, take time to find a reputable attorney specializing in handling defective drug cases.

By consulting a defective drug lawyer, you can seek a fair settlement from the pharmaceutical company. Your drug injury attorney will leverage their network of expert resources to identify potential defects of the drugs and damages you’re eligible for compensation.

They will also review your evidence and give insights into the pros and cons of filing a legal claim against a drug manufacturer for negligence. If you choose to sue a drug manufacturer, your attorney will explain your options.

And then provide the timelines you need to follow to ensure you win the case. While hiring a drug injury lawyer might sound expensive, it’s not. Most lawyers work based on a contingency fee, meaning you don’t have to pay until they win.

Dangers of Defective Drugs: Research other people’s experience

It pays to research a little about the drug you suspect to be defective. Find out if other people have reported similar problems. Although how other people react to the medicine will vary widely, you’ll get a clear picture if it has been deemed defective on a large scale or if it’s an isolated case.

Either way, connecting with other individuals experiencing similar side effects like you gives you some comfort. You also get valuable information and additional resources to win a claim case against the drug manufacturer. If the medicine has been classified as defective, victims can file a class action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company. Legal experts suggest joining class-action lawsuits to increase your chances of receiving compensation.

Defective drug issues are common, and victims are often exposed to toxins that cause chronic conditions or death. If you and your loved ones take one or more prescription medicine, it’s wise to monitor your reaction after taking the medication. If a drug seems to be causing severe side effects, cease use and consult your doctor.

Keep a record of changes in your body, such as skin discoloration and swelling, and store the medicine in a safe place. Most importantly, contact a defective drug attorney to help you file a defective drug claim. A legal professional will help you receive a settlement for bodily injuries, medical expenses, and loss of income.

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