How To Convince Customers To Buy From You

Written By Alla Levin
August 19, 2021

How To Convince Customers To Buy From You

Why should a customer buy from you? Chances are, there are probably many other businesses like yours, so why should they choose you? This is something you need to consider when you are targeting customers with your digital marketing. This is also something you need to consider when speaking to potential new customers face to face.

You need to give them a reason to choose you and not your competitor, who might be just a few clicks away. The following are just a few things you can do to convince your customers to buy from you. 

Answer their specific problem

In an article on marketing, industry leader Jerome Clavel said this:

“Every buyer goes on a journey before they purchase a product. The first stage of this process is the awareness phase. The awareness phase includes the discovery of a problem and deciding that they need a solution. It is the job of the marketer to help clarify what the problem of the customer is and provide a clear suggestion of what they can do to solve it.”

So, consider your product or service. How does it meet the needs of the people who might buy from you? If you can convince them that what you sell answers their specific problem, they will be more likely to buy from you. You can put across this in your marketing message, so think about it and target the specific demographic that would find your product or service useful. 

Be different

If your business is like every other business, it can be easy for customers to overlook you. It would help if you stood out somehow, as this will grab the attention of the people most likely to buy from you. 

How can you be different? Well, you could undercut your rivals with a lower price point, provided you didn’t hurt your bottom line in the process. You could appeal to the eco-aware by following green practices within your business. You can make changes to whatever it is you are selling to make it more functional and appealing to the buyer. And you could offer the customer more convenient options, such as faster shipping or more flexible opening hours. 

To be different, you need to find out what your rivals are doing. Especially if they are getting more business than you are, you need to take every step necessary to better their efforts. After doing so, you should market yourself in such a way as to show potential customers that yours is a business worth coming to. 

Earn a good reputation

There are loads of business review sites online, so you really do need to earn a good reputation. When those five-star ratings are attributed to your business from happy customers, other people will have more reason to buy from you. This is because of the trust factor, as a genuine, validated review can do much to sway somebody’s spending decision. 

So, think about this within all aspects of your business. Hubspot has some great advice on asking for and getting good customer reviews, so check out the linked article to learn more. So, there you have it. 3 ways to convince customers to buy from you. Follow our suggestions and see what a difference it will make to your business.

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